Why Invest in Bathroom Wall Panels?

The concept of using panels in residential bathrooms has gained immense popularity with homeowners in recent times. A large number of modern-day homeowners would rather have panelled bathrooms as opposed to having tiles in the shower area. The increased preference of bathroom wall panelling is not without good reason. With this in mind, here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to invest in bathroom wall panels.

Dealing with Mould and Mildew

One of the first things that are done before the installation of wall panels is the elimination of opportunities for mould and mildew growth. In order to do this, the homeowner will need to apply an appropriate adhesive on the side of the panel that is to be glued to the wall. This will help to prevent water, steam, and mist from getting behind the wall panels thereby encouraging the growth of moulds and development of mildew.

Growth of moulds and development of mildew are both known to cause serious health complications if not deterred and bathroom wall panels can be an effective solution to this problem.  

Waterproofing is Easier with Bathroom Wall Panels

Ordinary bathroom wall panels need to be made water-proof before they are installed in the shower area. Water-proofing helps to prevent damage to wall panels due to the action of water and moisture. Water-proofing of bathroom wall panels often involves the application of a protective layer such as paint on the surface of the panels.

The good news when it comes to waterproofing is that there are ready-made water proof wall panels available from suppliers of bathroom wall panels. Water proof wall panels are slightly more expensive than their standard counterparts due to their superior water-resistance capability. Expense aside, investing in waterproof panels is advantageous because the panels are ready for installation as soon as they are bought.

Water proof water panels will also not suffer physical damage or disfiguration when exposed to the ever-wet bathroom environment.

Wall Panels are more Durable

The durability of wall panels is another reason why one should choose to invest in bathroom wall panels. Common alternatives to wall panels include tiles and wallpaper. Wallpaper is almost synonymous with regular peeling after being exposed to water for a long time. Tiles, on the other hand, are known to chip and crack rather easily thereby limiting their durability.

Waterproof wall panels offer unmatched durability as compared to the mentioned options. A homeowner can expect less frequent repairs and a longer lifespan with the mentioned panels.

Wall Panels are Easier to Install and Accessorize

Another reason that justifies an investment in bathroom wall panels is the fact that panels are easier to install and accessorize. For one, the homeowner will take a considerably less amount of time installing panels because there is no need for panels to be cut and trimmed into size and shape as is the case with other bathroom wall coverings. By extension, the work load involved in wall panel installation is also considerably less.

In the same breath, it is easier to install accessories such as mirrors and wall cabinets on bathroom wall panels than other wall coverings. The mentioned accessories can easily be fixed on wall panels by simply having them glued to dry surfaces of the wall panel. Installing these accessories on tiled walls for example, would require the use of special drill bits to prevent the cracking and chipping of installed tiles.

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