Why Invest In Made-To-Measure Curtains?

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If you’re looking for new curtains, it can often be hard to know where to start. 

Photo by Vecislavas Popa on Pexels.com

There are plenty of stores offering pre-made off the shelf options in standard sizes, which can lead you to wonder, why invest in made-to-measure?

The Benefits Of Made-To-Measure Curtains

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Made-to-measure curtains have increased with such popularity in recent years that mass produced options have struggled to keep up.  The advantages that come with made-to-measure curtains really do set them apart from off the shelf purchases. Infact, we’ve listed below just a few of the reasons why we believe bespoke curtains are the only way to go!

Specialised Fit

It is a surprise to learn that there are very rarely windows which fit into ‘standard’ sizes.  Pre-made curtains are manufactured in a block of standardised proportions, which often do not properly fit your window at all.  Windows are almost never a perfect square or rectangle, and the window frame and surrounding walls all affect what kinds of curtains and fixings are best suited to your space.  A made-to-measure window treatment is like a tailored suit; not only does it fit exquisitely, taking into account quirks and a-symmetry, but it is structured to the highest possible quality to ensure unrivalled longevity.  

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Design Freedom

The array of fabrics, patterns, textures and materials available for made to measure curtains are simply beyond comparison.  From huge printed florals to tiny embroidered polka dots, you can enjoy curtains which suit your home and style perfectly.  You get complete freedom to choose the style of curtain, the design and colour of poles, tracks and pelmets, as well as a wide array of trims and finishes.  Forget looking for something that ‘will do’ and instead enjoy curtains created to your exact specifications.

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Beautiful Finishing Touches

Mass produced curtains rarely offer the little finishes that elevate your window treatment to something really special.  Braids, tassels, beads and crystals can all adorn your curtains, as well as covered buttons and elaborate tie-backs.  When buying pre-made curtains you’re often limited to the accessories that may or may not have been designed to match.  With a made-to-measure service you have complete freedom to decorate your whole room, from matching scatter cushions to upholstered chairs and headboards.  Think of it less as a simple pair of curtains, and instead an opportunity to completely transform an entire room in the latest and most beautiful fabrics.

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Better Value For Money

Although you might consider made-to-measure curtains to have a higher upfront cost, they do in fact offer unrivalled value for money.  Not only will you achieve perfect curtains that fit your window perfectly and require no alterations, but the manufacturing process gives you unrivalled quality and longevity.  Made-to-measure curtains are designed to last for decades, pretty much until you’re ready to change the design of your room all over again!  Combine that with expert installation to ensure your curtains and poles are robust and can stand the test of time, year on year you get better value and a better result with a made-to-measure service.

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Contact Sarah Wooldridge Design

If you would like made-to-measure curtains in your home, we recommend contacting Sarah Wooldridge Design. With over 30 years experience when it comes to creating handmade curtains and blinds, you can trust that you’re in the very best hands.. Allow Sarah Wooldridge Design to produce the perfect custom-made curtains for you and your home. Call 01628 333400 or visit the website: Sarah Wooldridge Design.

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