Why Should You Buy a Laser Measure

A laser measure is the best alternative to a metal tape measure. A laser measure also provides a solution when a metal tape measure has limited ability. With the help of a laser beam, this device is used to measure lengths, widths, and heights of various things.

Laser level and lines on the wall

The tool sends a pulse of laser light to the target and measures the time taken for the reflection to return. The on-board processing of the device allows it to add, subtract, calculate, and triangulate. Laser measures provide the user with single-handed control, and they have uncompromising accuracy. Here is why you should buy a laser measure.

  • Convenience. A laser measure is comfortable to handle and it is a useful tool. Such a tool has digital measurement displays, which are easy to read and interpret. Laser measures will also allow you to measure difficult to reach distances such as high ceilings, crawl spaces, and long distances.
  • Calculations. Most users often know their calculations. However, when it comes to converting some measurements to inches, yards, or feet, it may take time and you don’t want to risk the chance of  inaccuracy.
  • Fast. Laser measure does not require any extra effort and time. The tool is quick because it uses a laser beam instead of a metal blade. Once the beam hits its target, the laser measure displays its readings immediately.
  • Bending. When using a tape measure to measure long distances, there is a high chance that it will flex. Bending leads to inaccurate readings. Laser tape beams do not bend or sag, thus providing accurate measurements.
  • Safe. When using a laser measure, you do not have to climb ladders or worry about obstacles. The tool is reliable, and you do not need extra hands to get the job done. Once your device is working correctly, you can calculate the readings on your own.
  • Accuracy. Measurement is all about efficiency. No project manager will want approximations. Everyone needs as much accuracy as a device can assemble. Metal and ribbon tape measures work on assumptions and will only measure in analog segments.
  • Memory. The memory on laser measures varies from device to device. However, most of them store measurements that you can use for future projects. Some of them store up to the most five measures, and the display shows them in an even dim condition.
  • Battery. For a laser measure to function, it has to have a power source. As such, laser measure comes with a battery. The battery has an ideal life, which allows the user to get their job done without worrying.

You cannot rely on traditional tape measures since their accuracy declines to 0.50 inches at 33 feet. However, the best laser measure is accurate to 1/16 inches. You can find this top-notch measuring tool easily on most online stores such as Amazon. However, since there are several brands available on the market, make sure you read reviews on the best laser measure before buying one. You want a device that will get your job done with high precision and versatility.


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