Why Should You Consider Buying a Ceiling Fan with Edison Bulbs?

Interior decoration is more than just about filling stuff into the home. Every piece of furniture and appliance must come together with the overall paint scheme and theme to create the desired effect. 

Lighting and cooling are essential needs of any home, and LED bulbs and ACs are increasingly fulfilling those needs. The former may have its advantages, but they don’t evoke the same feel that classic Edison-style bulbs do. And while AC’s might be the need of the hour in many places, there is still a lot the humble ceiling fan can do. These two technologies still occupy their respective niches and can’t be uprooted from those.

Image by Eak K. from Pixabay

Best of all, there is a combination of the two: a ceiling fan with Edison bulbs. This product is a dream for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage aura to their interior decor or go all-in on it as their overall theme. And like its style, this product has an evergreen demand, giving people many options for their desired decor.

If those aren’t reasons enough to go for a ceiling fan with Edison bulbs, here are some more:

Easy Installation

Anyone installing an AC or HVAC system will know that it isn’t easy. It involves a lot of piping and drilling for that piping. Heavy, expensive units taking up large spaces also must be installed. This complexity demands the touch of professionals both during and after installation.

A ceiling fan is comparatively far easier to install. Many models are installable in a DIY manner. A simple hook to the beams on the ceiling is all it takes, along with connecting the two wires for the electricity supply. Using professional help doesn’t cost much either.

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

The Designs Are Many

While these fans tend to stick to the classic/vintage theme, it doesn’t mean they don’t come with variations of those. There are a plethora of designs to choose from, with some even allowing customization.

The fan blades come in a variety of materials, particularly with different types of wood and finish. Metal is another popular option as blade material, with artwork included on some models. And there is no end to the light fixture designs. Everything, from metal cages to designer seeded-glass ones, are available in the market.

They Save Money In Many Ways

Ceiling fans consume far less power during operation compared to ACs. Using them with sufficient ventilation during the summer months can help cut down on power bills drastically. These fans also have the power to cover large rooms as well when fixed in an optimal location.

The same applies to the lighting aspect: these fans come with the capacity to hold multiple bulbs in their fixtures. This setup allows for the spread of light to every corner of the room. They save costs by eliminating the need to install more lighting fixtures in the room. A single switch is enough for both lighting and cooling.

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They’ve Kept Up With The Times

Just because these types of fans go along with vintage sensibilities doesn’t mean they haven’t incorporated the latest technologies into them. Models are available that allow for the dimming of lights for setting the right mood, remote operation of both the fan and light using smart apps/switches, Internet Of Things (IoT) compatibility, etc.

The inclusion of such features ensures that these items remain timeless by keeping up with the times.
The saying goes that the more things change, the more they tend to stay the same. A ceiling fan with Edison bulbs seems to be a manifestation of that saying. It meets both aesthetic and functional needs effectively and shows no signs of changing that.

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