Wuhan Greeland Center in China to Become the Fourth Tallest Building in the World

Meet Wuhan Greeland Center, a stunning architectural masterpiece that is developing in this moment in Wuhan, China. Striving to create comprehensive, high-performance, forward-looking designs that not only exhibit timeless and enduring qualities, but also aid society, sustain the environment and inspire people to make the world better,  Adrian Smith +Gordon Gill Architecture envisioned this impressive tower scheduled to complete in 2016. When it will be finished, Wuhan Greeland Center is likely to become the China’s third-tallest building, and the fourth tallest in the world.

After the famous Burj Khalifa from Dubai (828 metres),  the upcoming supertall skyscraper Kingdom Tower (1,000 metres) and Azerbaijan Tower ( 1,050 meters), the Wuhan Greenland Center in China will reach to  606 meters (1,988 feet) and will features 119 storeys which will host a a 45,000 sm five-star hotel,  200,000 sq.m. of offices, 50,000 sq.m of luxury apartments and condominiums, and a 5,000 sq.m, 27-meter-tall private club with exceptional views at the tower’s penthouse level. Its oustanding design was conceived through a holistic, integrated approach  that emphasizes symbiotic relationship with the natural environment. A tapered body, softly rounded corners and a domed top five this skyscrapers a magnificent, futuristic appearance.

This unique, aerodynamic shape is created for aesthetic reasons, but also to reduce vortex action and wind resistance that usually build up around supertall towers, and also to diminish the structural material used for its construction. It includes a series of sustainable features such as energy recovery, a high-efficiency lighting system, greywater recovery system, daylight-responsive control system and water-concerving low-flow plumbing fixtures. Its sculpted interior public spaces reflects the conical silhouette smooth curved glass facades. They feature fluid lines and a neutral blue-gray palette that recalls that reflective exterior glass. Here are some amazing pictures. Take a look!

Photos © Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture


Project details:

Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning
Client: Greenland Group
Function: Mixed-use
Facts: 119 stories, 606 m height, 300,000 sm area


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