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Costs of Building A Deck

by ION

There are many factors that you must include when calculating the costs of building your deck. An inexpensive deck may not be neither cost-effective nor cheap for maintenance. There are also additional costs such as taxes and insurance that you must include.


Deck Size

Most deck specialists can charge up to $35 per square foot and the budget varies depending on the features you wish to have on the deck. The more facilities you desire, the higher the costs will be.



There are many factors you must include when calculating the price. These costs can change your budget significantly. Commonly, the average deck size is about 10×12 feet.

The land you build upon might require leveling, and you must create a solid foundation. You will also have to include painting, sealing, UV blockage, waterproofing, corrosion fasteners and other significant costs. Remember to include labor and contractor costs.

To keep the deck proportionate to the house, it must not be larger than your biggest room in the house. Unusual shapes might increase the costs significantly. While custom designs can reach $5,000, the standard deck can be made for as little as $1,500.

Insurance and Taxes

Creating a deck will increase the value of your house hence the property taxes will raise too. Before you commit to creating a deck, check your homeowner’s policy to see whether it is covered by the company.

The contractor must own a Certificate of insurance, and he must make sure that he gets all the permits before launching the construction process.

This is certificate that protects the crew during a construction and we suggest finding a company that owns it. The deck specialists should also offer a Certificate of Occupancy, which certifies the number of people who can occupy the deck.

Additional Costs

While building your deck, you can be as creative as you want and you can add a tons of wonderful features to enjoy such as a built-in refrigerators, misting systems, or even spa. The space will become more usable thanks to those features, but it will cost you more money to do it.