Kit Out Your Home with These Smart Devices

When you’re a homeowner there will undoubtedly come a time when you’ve got the necessary and typical furnishings out of the way: kitchen cupboards have been installed, couches have been selected and match the room, and bathroom tiles look perfect on the wall. Now… it’s time to add some fun into your home! Today there are so many fantastic smart home devices and gadgets that simplify and improve our way of life. Whether it’s unrivaled sound quality, customizable lighting, or just a digital home assistant to help with a range of homely matters, take a look at these options to see if there’s something for you.

Sonos Playbar

Crisp audio is a defining feature no matter what form of media we’re interacting with. Regardless of if it’s the boom and crash of an action movie or a guitar solo from your favorite rock band, the Sonos Playbar is a modern wireless speaker that is suitable for any situation in which you need some quality sound. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the Playbar also possesses cool features like ‘Night Sound’ (reduces loud noises but also makes quieter sounds clearer) and ‘Speech Enhancement’ (boosts voices in dialogue-heavy moments).

PC gamers, too, are hobbyists who require premium sound to enhance their playing experience. With optical output on your PC, it can also be possible to use the Sonos Playbar to raise the excitement level up a notch. PC games like Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are known for their distinct sounds and effects – noises which can often be the deciding factor when competing in tense online tournaments, like those that have been hosted by a friend’s gaming server, for example. In war games, hearing audible footsteps of an opponent around the corner could be the difference between a win or crushing defeat!

Philips Hue System

It’s often the case that a home’s lighting can change everything. Bright lights might be suitable for a dinner party, but after a long day at work, sometimes a dimmed setting is nice to relax in. With the Philips Hue smart lighting kit, the company has allowed you to modify your home’s lighting in unique ways. It’s possible to control energy-efficient LED bulbs in any room of the house via an Android or iOS app (even more control with voice commands via Siri on iOS devices).

It is called the Hue, after all, so changing the color setting of your lights gives you incredible power over how your home is able to appear. For parties, too, the Hue system allows for synchronization with music, so bringing a club-like atmosphere into your living room is something fun to try out – and no lining up for entry either!

Amazon Echo

While it may be a small, unobtrusive cylinder placed somewhere in your home, the Amazon Echo is an object that does, well… nearly everything . ‘Alexa’ is the useful little digital assistant that lives inside the Amazon Echo, and is a calm female voice much like Siri or Windows’ Cortana. Asking Alexa to play music, report breaking news or weather updates, or even play audiobooks are just some of its many uses. In the age of the internet, it’s possible to find answers to questions in a snap – and asking Alexa to provide facts can settle any argument quickly enough. A smart home device that is constantly evolving and adding new features, the Amazon Echo should really be the first item to pick up when your home is ready to be lived in.


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