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Mosaic tiles can add a stunning visual element to your home, inside or out. We preview what’s around and where to find them.

Mosaic tiles have been around for centuries and are used to decorate some of the world’s most prestigious buildings and religious monuments around the world.  Even though this age-old medium goes back more than 4000 years, mosaic designs and patterns of today continue to take inspiration from past artisans and traditional methods. The skills and techniques passed down have allowed for the magic of mosaics to flourish today with a wide variety of options available.

Using mosaic tiles in your bathroom / kitchen gives you the opportunity to be adventurous with your tile selection whilst adding style and visual impact.  Mosaics can be used to cover entire floors, walls and even ceilings.  If keeping it simple is the look you’re after, try colour blocking particular areas such as shower areas, splash backs and niches.  This will add an elegant and subtle touch that adds a touch of drama without over doing it.


When it comes to choosinga colour, mosaic tiles offer a multitude of possibilities.  From bold to subdued and everything in between.  Think carefully about the space you’re decorating and choose a colour that resonates with the style you’re trying to achieve whether it’s bold and dramatic or subtle and sophisticated.

Now that you’ve chosen the space to be decorated and have a good idea on the colour that would best suit, it’s time to choose the material and texture of the mosaic. Let’s walk through some of the popular choices available today.

Glass mosaic

Glass mosaic continues to lead the way in popularity with a myriad of dazzling colours and exquisite styles to choose from.  There are numerous glass mosaic styles available at the moment but none more prestigious and glamorous than Bisazza- a leading Italian mosaic brand.  Bisazza are well renowned throughout the world for being trendsetters and coming up with intricate and detailed designs that step out of the norm.  Fabulous florals, intense colours bursts and show stopping geometrics make up their stunning indoor collection.

Floor mosaic

Bisazza’s floor mosaic range- Opus Rom

ano are suitable for outdoor floors and are perfect to add some creative flair to your space. They are 12mm x 12mm in size and have a matt surface.  The Opus range are undeniable beautiful and ‘yes’ they are durable, non-porous, non-slip and well suited for outdoors.  The combination of a non-shiny surface and the multitude of grout lines once tiles are installed acts as support for slip resistance if water is present.  


Source  image

Bisazza Opus Romano Primule used in this outdoor courtyard
Other popular glass mosaics come in various shapes and sizes and include frosted and opaque textures, fan, lantern and metallic.


Image Source

Metallic tiles used on this kitchen splash-back

Ceramic / porcelain

Advances in technology has enriched mosaic tile design with interesting shapes, and new ways of creating texture,3D profiles and patterns.  Although the classic square, hexagon and penny round form continue to be sought after, we are seeing an exciting new trend toward more innovative formats and interesting patterns in mosaic tile.  Think chevron, 3D cubes, lanterns and diamond shapes.  In fact anything out of the norm seems to create an overwhelming buzz when released.  

Image Source:

In recent years the ability to transpose digital images onto tiles has led to a new creativity in tile design. These lovelies in your bathroom will become a talking point for all the right reasons.


Image source

Lantern mosaics used in this bathroom designed by BG Architecture


Nothing beats the sophistication or luxurious sensory appeal of natural stone

mosaics.  Marble mosaics for bathrooms add an old-world flavour that is uniquely distinctive and beautifully timeless.   The natural movement, random veining and colour variation are all elements of marble that are simply irresistible.

In recent times we have been spoilt for choice with the number of different shapes that have become available in marble mosaics.  Choosing a non-traditional format will add a modern interpretation to a classic design.

Image Source

Using mosaic tiles in your home can be an effective way to add charm, character and your own personality to a space so when choosing a style, have fun with it!  Enjoy the adventure of discovering new possibilities and then seeing your new room come to life.

Kate Fuller is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator with Perini Tiles, a supplier of beautiful tiles and bathroom and kitchen design consultation, based in Melbourne Australia.


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