Give Your Kitchenette A Farmhouse Style Look With Country Kitchens

Country kitchens are a welcome sight; they have the old fashioned modern feel to them that brings a wave of cheerfulness to also the most hardcore urban dweller. Unfortunately, the concept of such kitchens is hidden deep in the countryside where the ample of sunlight and the light breeze through the window can never be matched by that of an apartment complex; however, if you live in the suburbs and crave for a taste of the simple cheerful life, a few tips and tricks can help you set up your very own Country Kitchen.

Styles and ways to set up your kitchen

Country kitchens are not just restricted to one; there are several different types of country kitchens, which provide a different feeling over the other, the style is different, the look and feel is different and so is the appeal and feeling. People can opt for a French kitchen or even an Italian or American countryside kitchen styling based on your needs. In order to set up your very own kitchen, you can either do it yourself or visit a studio but it is not really reasonable since the studios can be quite an expensive affair, so one can easily turn their kitchen into a country kitchen with some materials you can buy at the nearest Home Depot to give the kitchen1

For an American feel, more specifically a Texan feel, the cabinets in your kitchencan be painted black along with the walls to allow both of them to blend, the inclusion of a butcher block countertop can provide a more authentic country feel. Another neat trick is to use the Barn inspired board and batten paneling over a white wall, which can be used to mount shelves, the wood provides a clean country feel to the

One can also make use of old materials to give a greater aesthetic appeal to the overall finished product, using things such as an old wood and metal military desk with some rust on it with an old brass pendent attached to the side and cleaned and polished will become an excellent island counter in the kitchen for an excellent country

One of the popular ways to save space in your kitchen while providing an excellent country feel would be to modify your kitchen countertop to match with the color of the barn door cabinets and remove one part of the island countertop and replace them with a series of wicker baskets and bins to store the items, this helps in providing a great feel to kitchen and also stores a much greater volume of items in comparison to a standard

While styles tend to be specific, one can go out of their way to combine two different styles to create something that is truly unique and beautiful to behold, and so one can combine French and American styles in such a way that it can combine into a truly marvelous country kitchen. The use of white subway tiles over a marble accented kitchen countertop combined with a pine ceiling painted black provides the ultimate country feel, you can gain greater authenticity by using old soda shop stools from the 1940’s which can be easily installed on the wooden floor to give you the best country kitchen look from both sides of the Atlantic.

The Remodeling of the kitchen can be a complicated business and one must know that it is:

  • Comparatively easy to acquire most of the things from old antique shops
  • Certain things can be little but more expensive
  • Rusty furniture should be carefully used and should be treated with care.

So, give your kitchen a country design look , that changes style of  house.


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