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The China design, is one between most searching design in the word, in this sense many designers take the design ideas and the stucture elements for put in they creations, in taranta creations the creation design for studio is a great structure.in forward i will put the description from the designers:DIY submissions

Shanghai based practice taranta creations has designed their own studio located in shanghai, china. reflecting their ongoing creative process, the intervention seeks to provide an adaptable space that supports a range of informal functions.
The ground floor contains individual workstations, while the upper level, accessed via a sculptural staircase, is used as a communal meeting area. the floor itself is intended to be used as one continuous desk, while four recessed stations provide a more traditional workspace. the large ‘work floor’ invites the designers to use the open space for thinking, sketching, meeting, drafting, modeling, sitting and relaxing. this informal setting encourages cross pollination between different disciplines and projects occurring within the office.

located in shanghai, china
photos courtesy of taranta creations



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