10 Basic Photography Tips for Instagrammers

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms. I have to take the world by storm as masses join it. One of the reasons for its fame is it is a visual platform.

Every single day, Instagram received over 60 million photo updates. And this is not to add those who are being re-shared.

Instagram has revolutionized the Smartphone generation. For instance, iPhone was launched in 2007 as IG came into being three years later. Since then, more and more Smartphones have come up to improve photo taking.

People are taking photos every day to post on Instagram. This mobile application keeps getting better by the day.

And if you are looking to join the community, then you are in the right place. Photography, in this case, is not just about taking photos but doing it right. Here are a few things to put in mind.

Start with proper planning

Have you ever seen how filmmakers plan their work? Digital shooting takes a lot of planning and precision. In the same ways, capturing Instagram photos requires proper planning.

On very rare occasions will you find happy accidents. But that only happens in very few instances. But you need to put yourself in the best position to capture the most wonderful photo.

Start with location scouting. You will also have to experiment on different angles, course, planning around light and so on until you have the perfect photo. These are all important for the photos.

In the end, you may have to edit on a website that enables you add value to the photo or using any tool you want. But that only comes later when you have planned properly.

You need to understand what you are using the photo for. If you are taking the photos for brand awareness, you need to understand where the company is going.

Take as many photos as possible

It is true you will have to retouch your photos with a great app, it is still a good idea to take lots of photos at once. Instagram gives you an opportunity to share as many photos as you want. It does not have to be just one.

You can even show throughout the day. That perfect photo comes when you least expect. You get a bigger chance when you sit down to edit them.

With the right phone type, you should be able to capture some of the most amazing moments in your life.

Don’t focus on shooting in the in IG App only

Using the native camera on the iPhone or Android phone allows easy access to them on the home screen. The Instagram App is too but does not entirely depend on it. You need enough space to edit photos without worrying about going offline or anything like that.

The Instagram camera gives you only one shot. But you should know having control over how you take your pictures gives you more power.

The native phone camera on the other hands lets you focus and select what to expose on your frame. You can choose low light or high light. You can shoot many photos and pick out the ones you want to edit.

Take at the right time of the day

Smartphone Cameras perform better in well-lit spaces. Using Cortex Cam may be great in dark spaces.

You will need to program your day properly so that the light gets you at the right time. Apply the Golden hour blue hour rule because that will give you the best moments of your life.

The evening is the best time to take your images. You can get perfect light to brighten up your face on the camera.

Take horizontal pictures

Holding the phone horizontally is just like using SLR. It does not require a lot of effort. We all use editing apps to make our photos better.

Taking the photos like this gives you a chance to edit later. You can crop, resize and do anything else with your picture.

Use editing apps

Editing Apps have become so popular today. Now even the most professional photographer use them to make their photos more presentable. You can edit on-website with TouchRetouch editing tool.

Other apps include:

  • Snapseed
  • Anticrop
  • Afterlight
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • And many more.

Keep hashtags specific and creative

It is only when you use hashtags correctly that they make sense. They are part of the Instagram creative and fun community.

It is better to use one and use it correctly that use too many and wrongly. Using too much of these will not get you many people watching as you would love.

IG is about community

The real power of Instagram lies in the whole body of a community. Events like Instameet and other events are used to connect larger IG community. You can even organize yours.

And with these tips, your photographs will be receiving many views and likes. You will not struggle to grow your account.


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