10 Bedside Pendant Lighting Ideas

There’s no bedroom remodelling project which doesn’t include at least one or two light fixtures. Besides the functional role as a source light they have, light fixtures are highly appreciated nowadays by their aesthetic role they play in defining a room’s style. In fact, there’s very little chance to impress with any type of lamp or chandelier design as long as they fail to combine functionality with an original design idea. These days we find an enormous variaty of shapes, styles, designs, color and brightness regarding light fixtures, which allows us to complete the desired look of our bedroom.

Paradoxically, this flexibility we have make things both easier and heavier, because sometimes can be a real headache to choose the right ones among so many. Just when you think you’ve found the perfect lamp, another will caught your attention with a charming appearance and you end up not know which one to choose. Your bedroom decor need to have a relaxing and welcoming ambiance and the suitable lighting fixtures can really create magic and really bring to life interiors.

Talking in the previous article about some beautiful pendant lamps, we thought that it might be interesting to show you what great alternative would be pendant-style fixtures for bedside instead of table lamps. We don’t suggest they don’t have their place in a bedroom decor or that they are outdated, but if you are looking for something else to replace them and to add another dimension to your interior design, then you should try these brilliant ideas.

Besides the unexpected flavor that you’ll add choosing them, lighting up your bedside with hanging pendant lighting is a practical, space-saving idea that frees up the floor or space on the nightstands. Using this concept, you should be aware of what other additional light sources you’ll choose, in case you want that. If you do, then it’s recommended to use can lights which have a discreet presence and aren’t expensive at all. So, be original and inspire yourself through these 10 bedside pendant lighting ideas shown below.

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