10 Coastal Themed Decor Ideas

Everybody dreams of owning a home on the ocean, life in a coastal estate just seems like the ultimate dream lifestyle doesn’t it? If you have just moved into a new vacation apartment on the beach, or you are designing your ultimate dream beach house, here are ten great decor ideas to use that reflect your new environment

#1 Marine Decor & Fixtures

Stick to the marine theme throughout every room in your home by adding subtle decor and fixtures that complete the ocean feel without overpowering the room and making it feel cheesy. Using simple wood plank flooring in the lounge, deck and reception areas of the home. Paint the floorboards a deep ocean blue and highlight it with splashes of red, white, and light blue.

Use rugs with colors and patterns reminiscent of the sea to add texture and charm to your interior. Rugs can also make your space appear warm and inviting and will give your bare feet more comfortable surfaces to rest on.

Use brass wherever you have the opportunity. Window catches, door handles, curtain rails, and other adorning fixtures. Brass has an old-style theme to it that looks amazing when it’s polished up.

#2 Everyone Loves an Outdoor Bar

Get as creative and as extravagant as you like with your outdoor bar area. Stick to wooden beams and an oak countertop. The coastal theme has an organic presence to it, so the use of natural, sustainable materials is essential. Carry this theme into your furniture with some wooden bar stools made from driftwood. For the lighting, keep it simple with lanterns, soft light sources, and make sure that you are well protected from the elements.

#3 The Beach Bohemian

Keep things bright and colorful in your living areas with a beautiful beach bohemian theme. Splash out color wherever you can and stick to bright reds, yellow, white, ocean blues, and greens. This color palette catches the eye and enhances the natural light in any room.

#4 Map your Walls

Take a different view on the walls of your lounge. Instead of painting them with a boring plain tone, make a visual impression with some map wallpaper. For example, a map showing the Florida Keys will look good on the wall of any home, especially if you live in a coastal Florida community. It helps keep the theme of your home local, while providing an interesting visual aid that can make for a great conversation starter with guests.

#5 Island Style Setting

Islands are about isolation and independence, freedom from society’s binding rituals that consume our time and thoughts. Create this setting in your home by adding in elements of an island. Shells, sand features, water features, and the plants you select for both inside rooms and outside areas. These subtle additions to decor can be used to provide the subtropical theme in any room or living area of the home.

#6 Bring in the Sun

Open the living areas and bedrooms of your home to the warm rays of the sun. Use thin cotton curtains in pale colors and a simple minimalistic approach to the open living spaces in order to enhance the light wherever you can.

#7 Dolphins, Whales, and Walls

Finding things for kids to do in Palm Beach County is easy to do but finding the right decor for their bedrooms and bathrooms may be a little more challenging.Kids love dolphins, whales, and sharks. Bring this marine life into your home by splashing their images in the kid’s rooms and bathrooms. Use wallpaper and tiles with stylish, creative images on the walls and tiles.

#8 Get Creative with Coral

Coral is a beautiful sea organism that make a beautiful, unique, exquisite decoration in any room of the home. Set them on display in reception areas, add them to your outdoor bar decor, or adorn mantelpieces with their spectacular arrangements.

#9 Don’t Forget the Aircon

Living the coastal lifestyle is blissful when the weather is clear and fine. However, when those hot and humid days strike, you want to be prepared for the wrath of Mother Nature, no be at her mercy. Having the right size air conditioner for your home will ensure that you spend your days and nights in relaxing cool comfort.

#10 Set up a Bamboo Lattice

Give your outdoor patio a beach theme with a bamboo lattice. They are simple to set up yourself and make for a fun project for the whole family. A bamboo lattice doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be sturdy, so make sure that the frame is tightly bound to survive any storms.


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