10 Decor tips for newlyweds

It should be noted that the decor of the wedding is time-consuming (when preparing without professional help) and not cheap if you use the services of experienced professionals. It’s very difficult to identify the styles of wedding decoration that you like, the general design directions, and other details. Of course, it’s worth remembering that the decor of the wedding hall depends directly on the general style of the ceremony.

When selecting ideas for wedding decoration, remember the need to combine them with the bride and groom outfit, invitation style, and view of the banquet hall. The ideas for the wedding decor allow us to feel the full scale of the venture, as well as the definition of the main directions of the design of the holiday. Thus, the design of the wedding banquet and the venue of the ceremony should be in the style same. We can offer you a huge number of various ideas because the decor of the banquet hall for a wedding is a huge variety of combinations that fit harmoniously into almost any interior.

We offer you to consider a simple but elegant wedding decor of the hall which doesn’t require large expenditures but at the same time creates a solemn and romantic atmosphere in the hall.

Thus, we focus our readers on the fact that the stylish and beautiful design of the wedding hall can be not only classic but also ultramodern! Of course, in this case, the design of the wedding ceremony and the general direction of the celebration should completely coincide.

With us, you’ll be able to come up with a gorgeous European design of the wedding hall, the ideas for which were selected according to the latest trends of the wedding seasons! After all, wedding floristics and decor are an integral part of any celebration, made according to all the laws of the wedding trends.

Wedding decoration usually begins with a choice of colors and style of the holiday. And to make a highlight that will make your holiday special, use original ideas. We tried to collect the most relevant ideas for decorating a wedding.


Unusual decoration of the wedding: non-standard areas for decoration:

We want to share with you a few ideas for the decoration of non-standard wedding zones.

The entrance to the banquet room should surprise guests from the first moments. The decor of the zone at the very entrance to the festive space will allow guests to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration right away. Examples of design: the carpet, fenced with columns or huge flowerpots with bright bouquets.

Floor. We eliminate the disadvantages. Shabby parquet or too bright carpet flooring in the restaurant can spoil even the highest-quality work of a decorator. Therefore, it’s best to hide this flaw. We advise you to pay attention to the currently popular material – glossy polystyrene. A diverse palette of colors will harmonize perfectly with absolutely any style of the wedding celebration. Such a surface can also be well decorated, for example, with a decorative print.

Ceiling. Check how high it is. Suspended structures will be an excellent solution for too high ceilings and will provide a harmonious “wedding picture.” You should think about draping it so that the supporting structures don’t attract undue attention.


  1. Newlyweds initials are in demand for wedding décor; apart from that, they look great in the photos. You can use any available tools to create them, for example, foam, fabric, paper, or wood. Don’t think that such decor, made with your own hands, will make your design look cheap. 20 years ago, we were a little shy to wear homemade clothes and accessories, hoping to be able to buy what we wanted in boutiques. Now, we’re ready to pay a lot just to get an exclusive handmade trinket.
  2. Fabric and drapery are the background elements of the design of weddings, as they have their own important meaning. Fabric hides the visible flaws of the banquet hall perfectly, for example, its inconsistency with the style of a wedding celebration. In order not to be distracted from the main decor, it’s better to choose plain flowing fabrics and draperies.
  3. Textiles. Banquet tables visually take a lot of space, so the choice of beautiful tablecloth linens and napkins is a serious task. We want to warn that some fabrics may look cheap, especially in photographs. Don’t forget about the space under the banquet tables. To hide the legs of the seated guests, use tablecloths.
  4. Posters will help to create an individual style for your celebration. Posters with photos and banners are best suited for the realization of creative ideas. Perhaps you’ll invent a new purpose for them, and we’ll try to inspire you with photos.
  5. Paper accessories. Today, canvases, flowers, garlands with your favorite phrases, origami decor, and much more are in trend. Making a wedding with paper will look quite stylish and original. You’ll save a lot and get great results.

  1. Fresh flowers are considered an expensive and beautiful decoration of a wedding, used in decorating banquet tables, as well as decorating the entire hall. Don’t forget that when choosing compositions for the table, you should think about the comfort of the guests and choose the decor that doesn’t interfere with the overall look of the hall. Simply put, the decorations made of natural flowers should be above or below the field of view of the guests sitting at the table.
  1. Light wedding decor. Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting at the wedding. Candlesticks, decorative lamps, lanterns, as well as original compositions of floating candles will help to create a cozy atmosphere when serving dishes.


  1. Balloons are a bit banal but only at first glance. This type of decoration for the wedding must be approached with taste and a sense of proportion; otherwise, the excess of the balls will look too cheap.
  1. The correct placement of banquet tables. A sufficient space around and between the tables is at least 50 centimeters. Guests should feel comfortable when going to their places and not sit tight. However, too long distance isn’t good, as well. Even with perfect decor, the ceremony risks losing the cozy atmosphere. For a small wedding (up to 30 people), one rectangular and long table is more than enough. This will help to optimize the budget. But for a more magnificent celebration (more than 70 people), it’s better to use round tables or the so-called mixed seating – round and rectangular.

  1. Table decor. Don’t use multi-part compositions, such as vases, candlesticks, flowers and decorative items, all of which can lead to unnecessary clutter. A sense of proportion in this matter is of paramount importance.

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