10 Designer’s Tips on Decorating Rental Homes

When you buy a property, you can be confident when you move in it that you’ll be staying put for a good long while. If you’re renting your home, however, you probably don’t know how long you’ll be staying so you’ll need to think more carefully about how you decorate.


While you want to live in an attractive and aesthetically pleasing environment, you probably don’t want to invest too much money on decorating a home in which you’ll only be living on a temporary basis. Where do you begin? Here are 10 top tips to help you get started on decorating your rental home.

  1. Decide To Decorate

The very first tip is not to give in to the temptation to leave the décor of your rental home as it is. Personalising your space is vital. Even if you’ll only be staying for a few months, you should still put your mark on your space in small ways.

  1. Versatility Is Key

Versatile furnishings and textiles which will work in any home are key when renting a property. Avoid buying anything that would only work where you’re living now, and instead invest in neutral textiles like rugs and cushions, and simple furniture pieces like coffee tables with storage built in and folding tables and chairs.

  1. A Lighting Upgrade

One way to add a personal touch is to upgrade the lighting in your new home. Simply swapping light shades to ones that better suit your taste is easy and affordable, and adding table and floor lamps brings a cosy touch to dark corners.

  1. Upgrade Your Hardware

One easy and cheap way to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen is to upgrade the cabinet and drawer pulls to ones that suit your taste. Keep the old ones in a drawer and switch them back when it’s time to move out.

  1. Change Your Window Coverings

There’s no need to stick to the dusty curtains or plain old blinds that are already in the property. Instead, switch to pretty and cheap new curtains or roller blinds which can be bought anywhere for an affordable price and which will add light and vibrancy to your space.

  1. A Lick Of Paint

If your lease allows you to repaint your rental home, this is an easy way to make your mark. Many rental properties are very neutral and while this may be ideal for the landlord it’s pretty boring for you. Even a feature wall or two will bring light and life to your rooms!

  1. Temporary Wall Decorations

If you aren’t permitted to repaint or if you simply can’t be bothered, there are other temporary measures you can take to decorate your walls. Decals are a great way to bring an accent to your walls.

  1. Choose Rugs

All too often rental properties have cold laminate floors or poor-quality carpets. Cover them up and add cosiness to your temporary home with colourful and textured rugs.

  1. Embrace Art

You don’t need to live with bare walls in your rental home. Invest in some affordable prints for your walls, or if you aren’t allowed to hang pictures, choose free-standing sculpture pieces instead.

  1. Go Green

An easy way to put your own stamp on your home is to use greenery and plants to bring an organic touch. Orchids, trailing green plants and even vases of flowers will bring colour to your space.

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