10 Modern Rocking Chair Designs For Outdoor and Indoor

Rocking chair is one of the most popular chair types even today, used by many people around the world for relaxation and stress relief. These 10 Modern Rocking Chair Designs that we want to show you today represents modern versions of the conventional  wooden rocking chair. Unlike other types of rocking chairs, a modern rocking one doesn’t need to have a woody look. This type of rocking chairs are available in a wide range of bold colors, with intriguing geometric shapes, various materials and different dimensions for any taste. Despite their unique and sometimes unusual appearance, these rockers are built to last and to offer the maximum comfort like any other rocking chair, combining practicality and panache. They perform smoothly and reliably and are great pieces of furniture to use either indoor and outdoor.

1. Rocking Chair by David Trubridge



2.  Chair 6 Rock by Lebello Chair

3.  MT1 – MT3 by Ron Arad


4.  Canapo Rocking Chair by Franco Albini


5.  Relaxer Rocking Chair by Verner Panton


6. Rocking Chair by Peter Vardai


7. Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss


8. Rocking Chair From Peter Vardai


9. Cradle Rocking Chair by Richard Clarkson


10. Jeffrey Bernett Rocking Chair


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