10 Odd sounds that signal heating repair in Forney, TX!

Are you hearing an odd sound coming from your furnace or boiler? If you are, what you are hearing could signal a problem. While some sounds might be part of the normal operation of the heating system, others might indicate something is wrong. Here are 10 common noises to watch for in your home heating equipment and schedule heating repair in Forney, TX.

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1. Clicking 

The click is an often-ignored sound that’s heard when the air goes through the heat exchanger in your furnace or boiler. It’s actually metal hitting metal as it expands and contracts with heat changes throughout the day.  It doesn’t cause any problems, so don’t worry about clicking components in your heating system.

2. Clanking

Clanking is often heard when the heat exchanger in your furnace or boiler needs to be replaced. Since the equipment has never been used before, homeowners might mistake it for a variety of things. When you hear clanking sounds coming from your heating system, contact your local HVAC specialist for comprehensive heating unit maintenance in Forney, TX.

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3. Wheezing, Squeaking, Or Cackling 

The noises either a furnace pump or a gas line makes might cause homeowners to worry about what’s going on with their heating equipment. Although these sounds aren’t ideal – they indicate that something isn’t right – they aren’t a cause for concern either. 

4. Vibration Or Rattling

While it’s normal for furnaces and boilers to shake while operating, the shaking should stop when the unit is finished running. If your equipment vibrates all the time or rattles during operation, this usually indicates that something isn’t right. In most cases, vibration means there might be a loose component somewhere on the machine. Check all connections closely and tighten any loose screws you find before a technician for repairs.

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5. Whistling

When you hear whistling coming from your furnace, it likely means you have a pressure problem. A high-pitched sound coming from the machine indicates that air is escaping somewhere in the furnace. Have your heating professional inspect your equipment for gaps or areas where heat isn’t being properly distributed throughout your home.

6. Humming

If you’ve ever listened closely to a cooling fan in action, you might have noticed a certain level of humming in the background. The same can be said about your furnace’s blower when it’s running at higher speeds to push more air through the ducting system inside your home. There shouldn’t be too much noise coming from the unit itself when it’s turned on. If you notice a sudden increase in the amount of noise coming from your furnace, it might indicate problems with the blower or motor.

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7. Squealing Or Squeaking

When heating systems start and stop, some squealing might be heard as they begin operation. However, if this sound isn’t related to startup and persists during regular use, you should contact your local HVAC professional for help figuring out what’s going on with your equipment and how to fix it.

8. Shuddering 

Metal parts bumping together is usually followed by shuddering sounds that can cause concern among homeowners about what’s going on with their home heating system. When these noises are accompanied by dust coming from the vents inside the house – especially if you have a gas boiler – a technician should inspect your equipment for problems.

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9. Knocking Or Pounding

When you hear loud thumps coming from your furnace or boiler, this likely indicates that there’s air trapped inside the system. A specialist should come to investigate what’s going on with the unit and how to address any problems with airflow.

10. Whining Noise

A whining noise coming from your heating equipment is often accompanied by vibrations as well as shaking parts of the machine together during operation. This might mean that there’s something stuck in the blower or another part of the system where it shouldn’t be. Again, a professional should come out to diagnose and repair any issues with your home heating equipment so you don’t have to worry about what the noise coming from your furnace or boiler means.

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