15 Stunning Futuristic Watches Concept Designs

The future technology is always unpredictible and very exciting. You never know what brilliant ideas will be developed in the next 5 years, 10 or even 40 years. Modern industrial designers come up every year with innovative futuristic concept designs that are impressive and inspiring and lead towards new horizons. Here you have 15 Stunning Futuristic Watches Concept Designs that features unique shapes and cutting-edge technology. Ultra-sleek, with a minimalist and surprisingly easy to use design, these awesome futuristic watches design concepts represents a simple, attractive way to view time. Additionally, for different smartwatches software update and tutorials please visit the iTech Hacks website.

 1. 4D Watch by Balkin Pavel

2. Sand and Time Watch by Balkin Pavel

3. LED  Watch by Hironao Tsuboi

4. ON AIR Wrist Watch by Iskender Asanaliev (now available)

5. Tima by Julien Bergignat

6.  Tact by Julien Bergignat

7. Equinox Watch by Nuno Teixeira

8.  “Infinity” from Swatch by Pierre Merlet

9. Shine Watch by Vlad Icobet

10.  Wrist Watch by Paulo Encarnação

11.  Watch Concept – Nooka style by Guilherme Teod

12.  YOUARESOLATE by Boris Kuznetsov

13. O’CLOCK-wrist watch by Boris Kuznetsov

14. Watch Concept by Benjamin Cann

15. Spacey MoonWatch by Adrian Castro

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