10 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean Between Cleaners Visits

Walking into a spotlessly clean home is definitely one of the most amazing feelings ever, especially when you did not have to clean it. Everything is organized, fresh, spick and span, your home almost feels like paradise. Cut to 6 days later, when life happens, what changes? Where is the paradise lost? In between the clutter?

Of course, keeping your home clean is a full-time job. That’s why you called professional cleaners in the first place. And while the help from qualified professionals definitely makes banishing dust bunnies a whole lot easier, how do you keep your house clean in between visits from Thomas Cleaning Services?

From cleaning up spills to clearing clutter boxes, taking up small tasks every day can help you maintain your home in tip-top shape. Here are 10 such tasks.

Sweep and Mop Daily

Make it a routine. Sweep and mop your floors daily. With the dust and dirt wiped away, you are not only keeping the health of your family your topmost priority, but you are also making sure that your home is ready for deep cleaning on the housekeeping day. Even if you don’t get the time to dust every corner in your home, a quick sweep every day can help you maintain your floors and extend their life.

Pile Your Laundry

Do you collect dirty towels and clothes from the living room, bathrooms, and bedroom (every time) only on the day professional cleaning is scheduled? Well, this is something you must change. If you leave every task for one single day, there is a high chance that you might miss something or the other. So, it is better that you make laundry day more efficient by piling up your laundry in a laundry bag.

To make things a little easier, have two piles — one separate pile for special care cloths. In case you spill something on your clothes, stack them in a different pile so that you remember it on the laundry day.

Clean Up Spills

Take care of the spills immediately. This tip is as simple as you read it.

If you spill something on the carpet or notice some dressing pooling on a countertop, make sure you clean it as soon as possible. When something stays on a surface for too long, it dries out and requires more time for cleaning. In addition, when something sits deep inside the carpet’s fibres or the foam underpadding, it can lead to mould and mildew. That said, even when it dries out, it attracts oil, grease, dirt, dust, airborne particles and bugs. So, if not cleaned immediately, spills on the carpet can be a cradle to airborne pathogens.

Use Netting On Drains

Your drain may clog due to the hair and grime build-up. And if you don’t clear your drain regularly, you will have to call the plumber to fix the clogged drains. One way to prevent clogging is to add nylon mesh on the top.

The mesh will catch the hair, and your drains will be free from damaging clogs. All you will have to do is empty the mesh daily. This way you will save money and time.

Clear The Clutter

Nobody likes clutter. It is annoying, especially when it is taking a lot of space in your household. That said, sometimes it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to clear every corner and every space of the house. Therefore, it is wise to invest in small clutter boxes for every room. You can literally reuse and turn anything into a clutter box,

So, whenever you see leftover clutter hanging around the room, put in it in your clutter box. And, later when you get the time, you can organize your stuff and clear the box.

Create A Cleaning Routine

Now, this one is a no-brainer, but definitely the most important tip. There are some areas that receive higher traffic or get dirtier faster than others. For instance, the kids’ room and kitchen take a beating every day. With a lot of littering around daily, these rooms or areas in your house require special attention.

So, make sure you take out time to declutter and clean these areas as many times as possible. Tidying up before your next cleaning visit will give you the desired peace of mind that you are doing your best to keep your house squeaky clean.

Scan The Rooms

As simple as it sounds, make sure to scan each room daily. No one but you knows how your house should look like. So, as soon as you start your day, quickly scan each room to check if everything is at its place. If anything appears where it shouldn’t, move it to the designated place.

Do Not Forget The Bathroom

Most of the people completely overlook the TLC their bathroom deserves. Since the bathroom is where we go to get washed and cleaned for the day, it requires some special attention. It receives the maximum amount of dirt and bacteria and so should be cleaned every day.

Invest in wipes that are antibacterial, and use them to clean the sink and toilet seat. Also, clear the mesh and mop the bathroom floor to keep it hygienic and tidy until the next cleaning visit.

Invest In A Vacuum Cleaner

Although professional cleaning services are reliable and leave your home ultra-clean when the job is done, you cannot wait for the cleaners to come and do the bare minimum for you. To avoid dust build-up in the nooks and crannies of your home, you should vacuum regularly.

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Use Doormats

If you want to prevent dust and dirt from entering your house, you must invest in heavy doormats. They will not only keep your home clean every day but will also extend the longevity of your floor, whether they are hardwood or carpeted.

Final Thoughts

Professional cleaners work hard to keep your floors shiny and countertops polished, but keeping your house clean in between visits is a matter of you and your family’s well-being. The above-mentioned tips can help you keep your space neat and organized.

If you need some extra help, take a few tips from the cleaning crew to maintain a pristine place all the time.


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