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We’re interested in knowing if you have embraced vintage style in decorating your home and what combination of vintage home accessories you have used. Utilized both in fashion and interior design, controversial and one of the hottest trends nowadays, vintage style is versatile, challenging our imagination and aesthetic sense. Because the vintage term does not have a precise definition, many people have a wrong idea about the vintage significance, confusing it with something old-fashioned, kitch or second hand. In fact, vintage style suggests  past years fashion, being relaxed, comfy, simple, and slightly imperfect.

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We can focus all its essence and we will not be wrong if we say that any piece of accessories and decorative objects belonging to the 1920 – 1960 period  is vintage. Our interest in vintage decorating grew with the ecological development of our culture and conservation of the environment for re-use, repair and recycling old things instead of throwing them straight away. They are one-of-a-kind items with retro perfume fragrance that add patina and personality to your home bringing a chic, unique, yet surprinsingly modern vibe.Moreover, what we most like is that every vintage piece of furniture or decorative object has a great and interesting story behind it which play a warm and welcoming atmosphere, full of understandings.
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 In their days, vintage home accessories were modern and elegant, now are still elegant, bringing a romantic touch in your home decor. Vintage style offers your interiors a special feel, for a few moments like being part of the Coco Chanel movie or hearing Edith Piaf in the background. One thing those who love this style and buy vintage accessories  for home, it’s that their value increases over time. So in addition to other advantages (that you can decorate with an unique item, with a special design) a vintage product is quite an investment. Decorative accessories must be carefully chosen. Use cans with floral motifs, old chests, metal candlesticks, potery, metal pegs, which you can hang objects, old framed paintings,etc. Lighting fixtures have fabric lampshades and curtains are reminiscent of those of grandparents’ house. Once you find the materials and bought paint and furniture, it is time to take care of accessories. Opt for inexpensive accessories and delicate ones that make your room look ot of the ordinary.
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