10 Ways to Create a Cozy Bedroom

Does your bedroom not feel very inviting, warm, and cozy? There may be some changes you can make to this room that will help it to feel a lot more comfortable to you. The way you arrange the space, the kinds of items you place in the room, and even the colors you use can all contribute to how cozy the bedroom feels to you. Here are our top methods of making this personal space feel welcoming and comforting. 

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1. Bring in Warm Lighting

One of the best ways to make a space cozier is to change out harsh, bright, white lights for softer, warmer lighting. This can be as simple as changing out the light bulbs to incandescent bulbs. Get rid of florescent and LED bulbs, if you can. This change may require some rewiring and some new parts for your lamps, or you may need to change out lamps and lighting fixtures in the room to accommodate a different kind of softer bulb. Just check the light bulbs you buy to see if they say they provide soft or bright light. 

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2. Use Muted Colors

While bright, vivid colors may be appealing to you, they don’t make for a cozy room. Avoid bright red, orange, and yellow and instead choose more muted colors, particularly warm browns, soft yellows, and dull grays. These may look boring, but they do create a warmer atmosphere in the room. They allow you to relax more, whereas bold and vibrant colors might make you feel on edge or excited. When you are going for a cozy feel, you want to pay attention to the color scheme in the room, both on the walls and in the décor you use. 

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3. Keep It Tidy

A cluttered room will not feel very warm and welcoming. In fact, the more mess you have in your room, the more anxious and stressed you will feel. That’s the complete opposite of a cozy, welcoming feeling. To sidestep this problem, just keep the room looking neat and organized as much as possible. Get rid of clutter whenever you notice it to get your nerves off of edge and feel more relaxed.

4. Get Rid of Dust and Mold

Did you know that having dust or mold in your room can make you feel unwell? You may have trouble sleeping at night because of the dust particles and mold spores that are floating around the room and getting into your sinuses. You won’t see these particles, usually, but they are there just the same if your room has a mold problem or a lot of dust. You can deal with these issues best by cleaning the room frequently and having intensive, professional cleaning done by a maid service suggests Imagine Maids of Houston. Also deal with any leaks in the bathroom, if you have a bathroom connected to your bedroom. 

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5. Add a Very Soft Rug

A big, cozy rug can be just the addition your room needs to make it feel welcoming. Simply putting your bare feet down on a super soft rug first thing in the morning can make you feel wonderful. It’s a great way to start off the day, and it sends pleasant impulses through your body. Having that rug there means that you won’t set your bare feet on a cold floor right away as well. Just be aware that thick rugs collect lots of dust, so consider using a small rug to cut down on dust as opposed to a full room carpet. 

6. Use Thick Curtains

Blackout curtains will create a sense of personal space very well by blocking out the light that comes through the windows. This helps you sleep better at night, since it gets rid of distracting, unnecessary light. Thick curtains of any kind will cut down on outside noises and light, helping to create a cozier space for you and whoever shares your bedroom with you.  

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7. Create a Hobby Space

If you have an indoor hobby, you may want to create a space for it in the bedroom. Readers can have some of their favorite books on a bedside table. Artists may want to store drawing materials in the room and have a desk set up for them to draw when the mood hits them. Whatever your hobby, give it some room in your bedroom, and you will feel more at home there. 

8. Cover the Walls with Prints

Prints on the walls can be very cozy as well, since they get rid of bare walls and make the room feel fuller. Vast, empty walls can feel lonely, but using a printed pattern can fill up the space nightly and make it feel more closed in and comforting. Patterns aren’t for everyone, but if you find one that appeals to you, try it out and see the difference it makes in the feel of the room.

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9. Use Quality Linens

Your bed is not the part of the bedroom to skimp on if you want to make this room welcoming. You might look forward to spending time in bed if you have good quality lines that are soft to the touch and that feel good to snuggle up in. Splurge in this area so that the main feature of the bedroom is one that you will really love. 

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10. Deal with Awkward Areas

Is there a part for the bedroom that bothers you? Maybe it is a space that has accumulated a lot of clutter or an area that is bare and empty. Do something with this space to transform it and make it feel cozy. You can add a feature wall there or a book nook. It can be filled with a vertical photo display, or you can add a comfy chair there for hanging out in the bedroom.

These are just a few of our favorite ideas for taking any bedroom and making it feel cozy. We hope you can put some of them to use and make your bedroom feel much more inviting.


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