11 Beautiful Sofas with Bold and Distinct Designs by Modus

Let’s make a simple exercise of imagination. How do you think it would look a living room without a sofa? Can you imagine what else you could put in its place? We bet you haven’t thought about that before because it’s a piece of furniture so common and customary in our homes, that we cannot picture what it would be otherwise.

Sofa is one of the most important furniture item in our homes, our living areas, that’s why over time designers all over the world have paid special attention always, coming up with innovative designs that fits for a wide range of styles and tastes. If you cannot imagine your living room without such item, then think about how it would change the appearance of your room a trendy, unique-looking sofa that fits perfectly with the rest of the décor? Because we love to look for creative and new design ideas, we run across the website of the award-winning British brand Modus and found their furniture products simply amazing. We decided to show you in this post their 11 modern and eye-catching sofas designed by renowned designers that Modus brand collaborates. They combine technical, material and engineering advances to manufacture and supply intelligent and functional designs globally.

Bright colors, simple geometric contours and very generously proportions is the best combination for fashionable sofas ideal for inspiring contemporary interiors. With storage or without, with high backrest or low backrest, you’ll love them. See below some pictures with them and check out their website for detailed information on each one.

1. Angle Sofa

designer: Simon Pengelly


2. Bernard Sofa

designer: Simon Pengelly



3. Cocoon Sofa

designer: Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune



4. Lear Sofa

designer: Patrick Norguet


5. Part Sofa

designer: PearsonLloyd


6. Pleats Sofa

designer: Stephen Burks




7. Ten Sofa

designer: Michael Sodeau


8. Library Sofa

designer: Michael Sodeau


9. Park Lane Sofa

designer: Christophe Pillet


10. Geta Sofa

designer: Arik Levy


11. Geta Low Sofa

designer: Arik Levy


Photos © Modus

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