11 interior paint colours that are the favourite of every designer

Nowadays, in the world of interior design, there are just so many different and varying shades to choose from, that one is literally spoilt for choice. I mean, where do you even begin? Everyone has not just one, but a great many differing opinions about various shades as well. It’s extremely confusing and befuddling at first, but there are a few ways to get around the initial problem of choosing a particular shade/colour.

However, in the case of the pros, there are a collective bunch of shades that are indeed the best out there. Since they have been tried innumerable times, there is little doubt of the fact that they will work wonders for your home interiors as well. If you happen to be hiring painting services in auckland or anywhere else, knowing the current paint colours and different shade trends would be a big plus. On that very note, here are 11 of the best interior paint colours :-

  • Lavender Mist: Not only does this keep your rooms airy and light, but it also has the tendency of livening up the overall vibe of your walls, that tend to look too plain. Most people actually underestimate its power.

  • Palladian Blue: Now this particular shade can be utilised to great effect in pretty much any room. Pretty much the perfect choice for creating a bedroom with a tranquil vibe. Not only is it a classic shade, but goes along with pretty much anything and everything.

  • Salmon Peach: With regard to pairing that are nature-inspired, there’s just no way that you can go wrong. Not to mention that it blends and goes perfectly with green as well, which is one of the most nature-inspired colours in any case.

  • Garden Stone: For all those of you who actually thought that warm gray shades would not work out in most scenarios, well think again. Not only is this shade nice, light and generally soothing, but it will most certainly stand the test of time.

  • Manchester Tan: Not one of the more popular shades around,appens to have quite the unique aspect to it. And that aspect is that it can actually change, depending on the amount of light in the room. Depending on the particular source of the light, there are many colour possibilities indeed.


  • Compatible Cream: If one is on the lookout for a yellow shade that doesn’t happen to be too sunny, here is your answer. Not only is this particular cream shade very inviting and warm, but it also happens to be very flexible with regard to colour coordination in the adjoining rooms.

  • Intense White: Quite contrary to its name, this shade happens to give off a distinct gray tone. If you’re not really that keen on going with a bold colour, this would be your ideal bet. Plus, it also happens to pair up rather well with transitional furnishing.

  • Sprout: Being ideal for ceilings in particular, it happens to reflect on everything and everyone in the room as well as not being overwhelmingly pink.

  • Revere Pewter: As far as an open floor plan is concerned, this is the perfect colour to go for. Being a fail-safe neutral, it works with pretty much all styles, from traditional to modern as well. Additionally, it is the perfect alternative to white.

  • Decorator’s White: Apart from having the most brilliant white undertones, this shade is perfect for any room where you’re looking for a clean and crisp feel.

  • Essential Gray: While adding a nice warmth while being paired with white trim, this shade provides a nice, sophisticated and clean backdrop.



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