12 Chairs that Marked International Furniture Design

Eames, Noguchi, Verner Panton are furniture designers who marked the mid-century by their creations, which have proved a success at that time, but have shown to be even more topical today. The success of these furniture designs (Eames Lounge Chair, S-chair), even today, is explained due to unique and cutting edge shapes and the fact that designers have managed to get out of the box in their time, but to be updated (and even with a huge success) in the next century (as in sculpture or painting, it seems that transcends centuries furniture design).

But still they are the best designs of all time? A top can not be given exactly, since we focus after sales (difficult to estimate the occurrence of aftershocks after being several suppliers for the same product market), where the ratio value/cost of production (some seats are sold at a lower price at a price more than 10 times the cost of material and production), or other criteria. But maybe a top realized by the London Design Museum will help us. Here are some selections: Model 3107 by Arne Jacobsen, Louis Ghost chair (by Philippe Starck), Eames Lounge Chair (Charles Eames), Barcelona Chair, Jam chair, Le Corbusier chaise, chair and namesake, Tulip Chair (by Eero Saarinen).

These are just some of the seats that marked international furniture design. The combination of modern materials with unique shapes, but also the interest shown by some designers started to offer seats at a reasonable price for everyone to ensure success until today. Contrary to trends in fashion (given clothing collections change from year to year), these chairs will last it seems long time due to the avant-garde design and thinking. Overall, these designer chairs have two values: a utility and other the arrangement design.  And the third value, the collection piece, not at all neglected, their value increases over time, and seats can be considered art pieces. So, in addition to painting hanging on the wall, you should be thinking what you put the floor in front of him.

 1.Eames Eiffel Chair -plastic chair, designed by Charles Eames, with many basic variants (metal, wood, with wheels, etc.).

2. Eames Lounge Chair – Eames Lounge correctly called (670) and Ottoman / stool (671), was launched in 1956, after years of design and development for Herman Miller. The original costs between 2500 and 5000 USD.

 3. Model 3107 Chair is the best known Danish chair in history. It was created in 1955 with a new technique, which allowed two-flexing plywood. Over 5 million units have been produced since then, and is the most copied chair in the world. Anecdotally is that according to Jacobsen himself, chair was inspired by a design team created the Eames.

4. Ghost Chair, or more correctly Ghost Louis Philippe, is a chair designed by Philippe Starck (born 1949, considered the best designer in the modern style) for Kartell, and best represents the trend of making plastic chairs with modern forms.

5. Jam Chair, designed by Calligaris.

6. Swan Chair is a chair (which has long version, sofa), created in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

7. Shark Bar Stool  modified replica after Konstantin Grcic’s chair as amended (the one obtained for Miura).

8. Egg Chair was a chair designed by Arne Jacobsen’s Radisson SAS with Swan Chair. Jacobsen’s style and use of special materials are found in both seats.

10. Cone Chair by Verner Panton – the mid-50s, Verner Panton converted a Volkswagen bus into a mobile studio and traveled around Europe. In 1958 he returned to Denmark full of unconventional ideas and one of them materialized in Hear Cone Chair.

11. The seat S – by Verner Panton, considered the most influential Danish architect and interior designer of the last century. The seat S remains the most memorable, but between his creations include Cone chair, Peacock.

12. Pop Armchair by Piero Lissoni for Kartel, an armchair and sofas can be achieved. A unique combination of two pillows and extra arms polycarbonate frame.

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