14 Futuristic Building Designs in China

These stunning building designs in China features creative and innovative structure designs that became and will become in time landmarks for both young architects and tourists. Most of them are on top of lists with world’s most creative buildings and will certainly remain a long time before. Every building I show you has his own story, it’s own original concept design, but together shape the China’s modern vision for the future.

1. CCTV Tower – China Central Television Headquarters, Beijing

2. Galaxy Soho, Beijing

3.  New Poly Plaza, Beijing

4. Erdos Museum, Inner Monglia

5. Parkview Green, Beijing

6.  The Water Cube National Swimming Centre, Beijing

7.  The Piano House, An Hui Province

8. Beijing National Stadium, Beijing

9. Shangai Tower, Beijing

10. Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong

11. Shidai Tower Harbin

12. Television Cultural Center, Beijing

13. Conrad Hotel, Beijing

14. Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing

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