14 Ways To Get Inspiration For Your Designs

In an era of instant gratification, it can be hard to tear ourselves away from our screens long enough to feel any spark of creativity.

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That’s why we’ve compiled this list of ideas for how to get inspiration for your designs, even when you’re having a hard time feeling creative. 

Keep a dream journal

Inspiration can hit us at any time, including when we are asleep. However, dreams are fleeting and easily forgotten. When first awake, write down any dreams you can remember. Even if they don’t immediately lead to inspiration, you never know how ideas or images may interact to inspire your next project.

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Do something unrelated

Give your mind a break. Doing something totally unrelated can allow your subconscious to process all of its input and give you your next eureka moment. Online games are always a great source of entertainment and blowing some steam. For example, distract yourself with table games by visiting cafecasino.lv.

Look at public spaces with fresh eyes

When you’re stuck for ideas, look at urban spaces that you typically move through with little attention. Look for opportunities to improve them or find solutions for problems that everyone has there. Understanding how people interact with an environment can help spark your creativity when trying to solve problems yourself. You might just learn from the experience.

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Take a break

As the old saying goes, “a change is as good as a rest.” Some of the best ideas come when we stop thinking so hard and do something else. Being outdoors can help you put things into perspective; similarly, being present in the moment can help your subconscious work through any creative problems you may be experiencing.

Take a break from your own work

Sometimes you will get stuck just because you are too close to your designs. Whether it’s for a day, a week, or a month, give yourself permission to take a break from your own projects. When you come back to them after some time away, you may find that the solution becomes much clearer.

Take creative risks

Don’t be afraid to make something that is completely unexpected. This can help you make a breakthrough with your designs. You could try traditional craft methods to produce contemporary items.

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Give randomness a chance

Forget what you are doing and do something completely random. For example, paint the tiles on a toilet seat, or copy something from a wall. Doing this can sometimes lead you to surprising places. 

Start looking for patterns in random things 

When you get stuck on a design, look for a pattern in something random. For example, you could look for patterns in the way light falls on different surfaces or look for abstract patterns in manmade objects.

Find out what inspires others

Look at the work of other artists, designers, and writers, even if their medium is different from yours. Sometimes it is easier to get inspiration from people who aren’t in our own industry because they bring a fresh perspective and approach. 

Try teaching your hobby to someone

When you learn a skill, there are many small steps you will have taken that you now take for granted. Breaking down what you have learned so that you can pass on your skills is a great way to reconnect with your passion.

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Keep a sketchbook handy 

When you can’t find inspiration, go back to what you first liked about a design, no matter how weird it is. Don’t be afraid to draw something just for the sake of drawing it. You don’t know if it will lead to anything useful, but at least your brain won’t feel bored.

When you get stuck, get a little help 

Spending time with other artists is a great way to find out how they view the world around them. It may even inspire you to look at things differently.

Put yourself in the shoes of others 

Get outside of your own perspective and try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who isn’t an artist. Shifting perspective can be difficult when you have been working on something for so long, but it’s worth doing.

Take a shower

Taking a shower releases dopamine and promotes a relaxed state of mind. Exactly what you need to promote creativity. So, if you are feeling in need of inspiration, take some time for yourself and have a shower.

Inspiration can hit us at any time. So, if you have found yourself in a creative cul-de-sac, don’t panic. You may be surprised how quickly inspiration hits and from which direction.


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