15 Curtain Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Hanging new curtains is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the style of your home. Trends in fabrics, prints, colors and accents change from year to year, giving you a range of beautiful styles to choose from to fit your budget and your personal tastes. Give any room an instant makeover with these fresh curtain design trends for 2018. 

Higher Mounting 
Instead of mounting curtain rods several inches away from the ceiling, homeowners this year are opting to go as close to the top of the wall as possible. Doing so makes the room look bigger, and it gives you more space to showcase your chosen curtain designs. Remember to measure the space from the rod to the floor so that you purchase curtains long enough to reach down the entire wall. 

Bold Colors 

Reds, yellows, blues and rich jewel tones are in this year, and choosing curtains in these colors can make a statement in any room. Bright and deep colors work well in rooms with light-colored walls and are great for adding flair to otherwise subdued décor. If you’re not into dramatic solid colors, choose curtains with colorful trim, or frame a neutral fabric with a bold accent. 

Bold Patterns 

Big prints featuring basic shapes, floral designs and other patterns are making a comeback for 2018. This trend hearkens from the 1970s and is a great way to turn a room full of simple furniture into a funky, modern hangout. Choose prints reflective of your personality, or go big and bright just because you can. 

Two-Tone Designs 

With all the bright, deep and bold shades trending in curtain design, it’s tempting to go all out and fill your home with rich colors. However, it’s also easy to overdo these designs and wind up taking away from the beauty of the rest of a room. Some designers are choosing instead to mix and match curtain colors, such as brown and beige, black and white or dramatic and neutral. 

Updated Neutral Shades 

Neutral is no longer “blah” or bland in 2018. Modern curtain designs are adopting modern versions of neutral shades, including deep slate and charcoal. Black is even making an appearance as an accent, taking a color once reserved for utilitarian window treatments and turning it into a chic trend. Today’s browns are soft and inviting, and lighter tan colors make the perfect complement for creating a natural look. 

Back to Nature 

Colors reminiscent of the outdoors are trending for all types of window treatments. Choosing curtains with these tones can make any room feel like a natural getaway. Look for earthy shades, ocean or beach colors, natural neutrals and patterns suggestive of mountains to create a sense of walking into your favorite wilderness retreat each time you enter a room. 

Geometric Shapes 

Continuing the bold design trend are eye-catching geometric shapes. Circles and squares, wavy lines, medallion patterns, diamonds, triangles, overlapping ovals and even paisley are all making appearances. This wide array of distinctive geometric prints gives you the freedom to get a little crazy with décor without overwhelming a room. Add a little interest to your living area, or give your bedroom a unique makeover with your favorite geometric designs

Chevron Patterns 

With bold V-shaped lines guaranteed to draw attention, chevrons are a natural extension of other bold curtain design trends this year. Patterns featuring both thick and thin lines are available in a stunning collection of colors. Incorporate this trend to bring a touch of retro style to any room in your home. 

Letting in the Light 

Natural light is the best way to brighten up a room, but leaving curtains wide open can cause an unpleasant glare when the sun is at its height. This year’s trend in sheer curtains lets you enjoy the light through the filter of attractive fabrics, so your home stays bright without being overpowered by sunlight. 

Tab Tops 

From beautiful wood to shining brass, the hardware from which you hang your curtains has a place in your home’s décor. Show off your decorative curtain rods this year with trendy tab-top curtains in any style you like. If you’re feeling crafty, adorn the tabs with your own personal accents, such as buttons, beads, jewels or shells. 

Linen Fabric 

Linen is light, soft and attractive, so it’s no wonder it’s trending in interior design this year. This natural fabric gets softer every time you wash it, so as the year goes on, your curtains will only become more appealing. Linen is a particularly good choice in rooms where you want to let in a bit of light and bring a touch of color to the décor at the same time. 

Go Eco-Friendly 

Although choosing eco-friendly materials is more of a trend in blinds and window shades, it’s easy to adopt the same philosophy when buying curtains. Fibers like bamboo and cotton come straight from nature and can be woven into beautiful fabrics and minimal designs with no need for synthetic manufacturing processes. Fill your home with these fabrics to make a statement about your commitment to going natural. 

Shining Metallics 

Hanging shiny curtains is by no means tacky, especially since metallics are trending for 2018. Bronze, gold and silver curtains in a variety of designs and styles bring a unique look to any room. Don’t be afraid to get bold and create a layered effect with your favorite metallics and sets of neutral sheer curtains. Experiment with styles to create something unique to your home and reflective of your playful side. 

Match it Up 

If you’re not sure what color curtains to get, choose fabrics in the same or similar colors as your furniture. Following this trend creates a unified style and gives you a chance to play with layering curtains in complementary colors. Choose other décor items in harmony with the theme you create to maintain a sense of balance throughout the room. 

Depth and Layers 

Pairing regular curtains with sheer fabrics or sheer curtains with dark shades and blinds creates a feeling of depth in a room. Use this technique to make small spaces feel bigger or to shut out as much light as possible in bedrooms for a comfortable night’s rest. 

Whether or not you’re the type to follow trends, these curtain designs for 2018 offer a variety of beautiful choices to transform the look of your home. Take a look at the options for something to complement your current décor, and enjoy the bright, bold designs in style this year.


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