20 Delightful Fruit Bowls with Creative Designs

Impress your guests and add a modern touch to your kitchen with one of these 20 delightful fruit bowls which have simple design but with great aestethics and unique shapes. They combine both creative designs and basic functionality keeping your fruits fresh all the time.

Made of polished stainless steel, wood, chrome, ceramic or plastic, these fruit bowls are such fantastic decorative pieces. Which one of these beautiful fruit holders did you choose?


1. Galax fruit bowl by Michaël Bihain


2.  Fresh fruit bowl by  Jihyun Ryou


3. BUBBLICIOUS fruit bowl by D-Vision


4. Cocoon Fruit Bowl by Philippi


5. Vessel fruit bowls by Helena Schepens


6. The Ring fruit bowl by Joung Myung Lee


7. Flat Knot fruit bowl by Ronen Kadushin

8. Roller Coaster Fruit Tray by Janne Kyttanen


9. Stiletto fruit bowl by Zack


10. Yumbrella fruit bowls by Benjamin Hubert


11. Earth Fruit Bowl by Stephen Williams


12. Fruit Stack


13. Origami bowl by Bleijh design studio


14. Menu Dropp! fruit bowl


15. Euro Starburst fruit bowl


16. Lorea Bowl by Zoocreative


17. Royal VKB fruit bowl by Gijs Bakker


18. INOUT fruit bowl by D-Vision


19.Twist fruit bowl by Philippi


20. Bamboo fruit bowl by Jee Bundy

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