1st Place: “LIC Cinema” Madjid Montazeri + Ali Afsarmanesh (Iran) Winners of the Long Island Cinema Center Competition

Is one great concept what integrate ideas from future imagination in one amazing architectural plan, with many trends in design of last generation, I will let you to discover the wonderful description for this project :
3 frames are located toward the river facing Manhattan respectively, the first frame is of a great screen reflecting the faces of people entering the site with hologram live projectors, as Andy Warhol once said: “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
The second frame is a screen for the outdoor amphitheatre, with the seats located on the roofs of the lower indoor space. The third frame is a void looking to the horizon line of Manhattan.

Process of Design:
The circulation is formed in a three turn spiral. The theatres are located in the spiral. And the theatres are connected to each others in corners by large escalators which provide changing views to Manhattan and the surrounding. These three turns create three huge screens which lead to cohesive combination of indoor and outdoor spaces of Manhattan.
When a movie is on the second screen the first frame reflect the faces of people watching the movie or entering the site, the intersection of these two images present a live performance both for people watching Manhattan from the site and watching the site from Manhattan.



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