20 Latest & Best Curtain Designs In 2022 (With Pictures)

Curtains are the most traditional way of covering windows to get privacy and block out the light coming from outside.

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Not only that, curtains are also considered the most important element in interior design. There is a huge variety of curtains available on the market that people can easily pick as per their decor.

People want to get the best curtain designs, so the manufacturers are trying their best to make modern and unique curtain designs that can attract more people. They will be able to transform your room into an appealing and luxurious one.

Selecting the right curtain design is very important because it will affect the overall look of your space. To help you we will tell you about the 20 best curtain designs with pictures.

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Top 20 Latest Curtain Designs For Your Home

You can choose from a wide range of wall curtains that come in different colors, designs, and sizes. They are also manufactured by using different fabric materials like linen, organza, chenille, velvet, taffeta, cotton, voile, silk, matting, etc. You also have to pay attention to the type of fabric to know its functionality.

Everyone decides as per their own choices, but if you make even a minor mistake during this procedure, you will face problems in the future. So, look at our suggested designs and then make the correct decision.

1. Eyelet Curtains Design

This design can be achieved by blending the plain fabric with the lining material. You can easily achieve this design by putting the colored lining on top, and the fabric of the remaining curtain will be plain in a solid color. You can easily match the colors with your interior decor and give an aesthetic, lush, and appealing look to your space.

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2. Lace Overlay Curtain Design

The lace overlay is also one of the best designs that gives an amazing and pleasant look to the interior. You can make this design by getting plain fabric and then attaching the lace fabric to its surface. Get the floral lace pattern because it would look great on your wall. This will help you to give it a modern and stunning appearance that can attract every eye that falls on it.

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3. Pencil Pleat Design

The curtains of this design are also known as layered curtains. This design can be achieved by creating unique pleats with curtain fabric. Attach the layer of pattern fabric to the plain one. This will give a modern touch to your decor. You can easily get the colors that match your interior.

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4. Pelmet Curtain Design

Pelmet design is one of the unique styles of curtains that gives a unique look to your room. The pelmets have been placed on the top of the curtains. Then you have to tie these curtains from both sides with the help of a patterned strip in the same color as the pelmets. This will help you achieve a traditional as well as a modern look in the interior.

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5. Rod Pocket Curtain Design

This design is achieved by stitching the top of the curtains in a squeezed manner. These curtains come in a much longer size to give a unique effect to your interior decor. You can also hang these curtains in front of larger-sized windows.

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6. Goblet Curtain Design

In this design, the curtains have pleats on their top in a rectangular shape. These pleats are attached to the strings to keep them attached to the goblet boxes. This distinctive design will give a unique touch to your space. They are highly durable because the goblet is designed with a hard material that can’t be damaged.

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7. Striped Curtain Design

These curtains come as fabric that is designed in such a way that it has different colors of stripes in it. These colorful stripes will enhance the overall look and beauty of your interior.

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8. Shower Curtain Design

These unique curtains are specially designed for installation in bathrooms, where they help you cover the shower area. They come with different patterns printed on them that you can select as per your taste. This will add a touch of sophistication to your shower area.

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9. Tab Top Curtain Design

You can create this design by rolling up the top of the curtain on the curtain rod, so its front side is tabbed with the button. In this design, the border is covered in a dark color while the overall curtain fabric is plain. It appears simple, yet it offers your home’s interior an aesthetic, somber, and modest appeal. Analyze your room’s interior to create this beautiful design by combining two different colors.

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10. 3D Print Curtain Design

When the 3D printed curtains are installed in the room, they create a contemporary look. Two shades of the same color, such as yellow, blue, or grey, are used to create this design. This design can be made by using a variety of designs. You will have a lot of choices when you go to the market and look at the huge variety of 3D printed curtain designs. Install these curtains to give a trendy touch to your interior decor.

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11. Sheer Curtain Design

Sheer curtains are widely used to get a sleek, minimalistic, bright, and trendy atmosphere. There are a lot of colors available in sheer curtains that will charm your interior decor.

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12. Transparent Curtain Design

Transparent curtain designs are only used to enhance the beauty of the interior, and they can’t block the light and give you complete privacy. You can get them in different patterns and colors that enhance the overall look of your interior.

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13. Vintage Curtain Design

You can also get the most traditional curtains to give a vintage touch to your interior decor. They will come in blunt and bold colors that give a brighter look to your room. You can select these colors as per your interior decor and window style.

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14. Digital Print Curtain Design

This design of curtains makes a mind-blowing change to your interior. They come in a huge variety of digital design patterns that you can choose from as per your choice. Install these curtains to give a natural and trendy look in your room. Most people prefer to get these curtains to elaborate on their interests, which tell the complete story of a room.

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15. Heart String Curtain Pattern

This curtain-type belongs to the romantic and intriguing decoration ideas area. In this design, the curtains have little heart-shaped string patterns. This curtain design can be used in your bedroom to improve the elegance of your interior. This design will be the perfect choice for you if you want a unique curtain design that enhances the attractiveness of your room by giving it a modern touch.

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16. Box Pleat Curtain Design

The fabric has larger box pleats in this design of curtain. To create this look, you’ll need plain curtains in solid colors. For example, you can cover a plain pink curtain with the box pleated design. Because of their modest size, you can only cover the top of the curtains. Use this pattern to give your room a graceful and modern feel.

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17. Swinging Rod Curtain Design

This design is achieved by the curtain cloth featuring vertical lines that are printed in black and white. Attach the fabric of the curtains to the curtain rod with the help of a stick. This stick can raise and lower the curtains. This design will be the perfect choice for you if you want a unique and fantastic curtain design that gives your home a modern look and enhances the beauty of your home.

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18. Floral Print Curtain Design

This type of curtain design is mostly installed outside of the window to protect you from sunlight. They come in a huge variety of colors and designs. They comprise three floral borders, and the fabric between them is transparent. Apply this design in order to get a sleek and appealing look.

19. Valance Curtain Design

This curtain design will add grace and elegance to any space where you install it. You can match these curtains with furniture coverings to get a unique and eclectic look when putting things together.

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20. Metallic Curtain Design

Metallic foil curtains are also famous for giving a shiny look to any space. You can get these curtains in any color you want. They are widely used at different parties to attract people. These curtains will give new life to any room.

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These are the 20 best and latest designs of curtains that you can get to transform your interior decor. Now you can easily decide which design would be perfect for your space. If you have any amazing ideas like these, share them with us by posting a comment. Stay connected with us to get more amazing ideas like this.


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