2016’s Hottest Gadgets

Senz “Smart” Umbrella

Senz “Smart” Umbrella is one of the few gadgets that has redefined modernity. The Senz “Smart” Umbrella will certainly give you value for your money. You can use it during instances of both light and heavy rain. Its flat shape allows enough space to cover your whole body from getting wet during rainfall. The Senz “Smart” Umbrella is a wind-proof umbrella, a feature that makes it one of the stylistic and creative umbrellas in the market today. With all the design improvement used on this umbrella, you can use it for various purposes, even for photography.
You can use coupons and get it at a discounted price at many stores such as Verizon wireless. Feel the value for your money by getting the futuristic Senz “Smart” Umbrella.

Pregnancy Pro

The Pregnancy Pro is a pregnancy test kit that synchronizes with your smartphone. It comes with an app that you can use to test whether you are pregnant or not. In fact, this product detects pregnancies earlier than most of the other available products. The benefits of this product include allowing you wait-time support that will help you avoid the stress during testing. Once it detects pregnancy, it offers post-test support for up to nine months. Additionally, you can use the Pregnancy Pro kit to access you estimated due date. As such, this is one of the most convenient gadgets of 2016.

Pocket VR by Speck Products

This is a Google-certified virtual reality viewer. The Pocket VR by Speck Product redefines virtual reality is it is compatible with products from almost all big tech companies. It has a compact and collapsible design, which makes it easy to walk around with and use it in public spaces. You can use the Pocket VR by Speck Products for 3D viewing, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The Pocket VR by Speck Products has military grade protective cases, which give it a long-lasting appeal.

Xcooter Urban Rider

The Xcooter Urban Rider is designed for both medium and long-range rides. Given its stylistic features, the Xcooter Urban Rider can be used for urban rides. This scooter is foldable, a feature that allows its users to carry it along to wherever they decide to go despite the terrain. Given its light weight, the Xcooter Urban Rider is treated as a bicycle and does not require special licensing as is the case with other motorcycles. The safety features that are incorporated to the Xcooter Urban Rider make it very safe to ride. You can use coupons to get this product today and enjoy the special treat it will give you.

Withings Smart Thermometer

The Withings Smart Thermometer allows you measure temperature fast and with high precision. Once you have it, you can link it to your smartphone and use it to measure the temperatures of your family members and friends. The Withings Smart Thermometer allows you high clinical accuracy, an aspect that you rarely get in other non-clinical thermometers. It is fast and effective to use as it comes with a mobile phone app you can use to measure temperatures to clinical precision. Get the Withings Smart Thermometer at a discounted price using your coupons today.


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