2019 Trend Alert: Antiques and Coral Blush Tones

The beautiful red, orange, pink and yellow tones of nature can be seen in their full vibrancy in the autumn, which actually makes us wonder if we can’t bring a bit of the season inside our own homes as well.

As we head deeper into the year, antiques and coral hues seem to be all the rage right now and we understand where that inspiration is coming from. If you want to be part of the trend without having to make major investments in redecoration, there are a few easy ways to welcome coral blush, as well as the antique obsession into our own homes.

Creating Contrast with the Trend and the Classic

Grainy oak furniture is a classic and when you couple it with the pinkish hues of coral blush, it creates a contrast like no other. Unlike most dark and bright contrasting themes in home décor, the background of light oak with irregular grains is still bright, but the coral blush stands out.

Place jugs, vases, and plates on an oak wall rack to do this in the living room or kitchen. Alternately, put a vase in coral blush on top of a wooden or obsidian table, right in the center. Make it come alive with the theme of the season by adding a few pink azalea flowers in it.

Combine the Two Contrasting Themes of Antique and Coral Blush

Although antique furniture and clocks are a trend again in 2019, just like coral blush, they are most certainly not similar in any way! However, there are ways in which you can make that contrast work for you with perfection.

Choose a small wall in the living room or even the bedroom and paint it in the shade of the season. Once you are done with the paint job, put the Casa Uno Rusty Three Pane Iron Wall Clock on that coral blush wall to create an absolutely gorgeous combination of the old and the new.

The Rusty Three Pane isn’t your only option on OhClocks, though, because their wall clock selection is excellent and consists of a huge number of antique pieces that match the theme of this year brilliantly. The Cambridge Charlie Wooden Cabinet Pendulum or the Casa Uno Antique Iron and Wood are also excellent choices to consider for your wall in coral blush.

Even if you do not really want to paint an entire wall, the huge collection of wall clocks in varying sizes and themes will let you find something on OhClocks to fit any theme you may have in mind.

Accent Pieces in Bright Coral

It is understandable if you don’t really want to paint a whole wall in coral blush, but that’s not necessarily a problem because you can just use the power of accents to highlight the theme throughout your home.

Place a few glasses and a water jug on the dining table that come in coral blush and add flowers (paper flowers will do just fine) to your vases in the living room, kitchen, and the bedroom. Just make sure that while the shade will always be coral, the actual accents used in each room are different.

These are just a few ideas and there are so many others; put an antique cover on the couch and coral covers on your throw pillows and cushions, cover your bed in a nice coral bedsheet and let the pillow covers complement it in the same theme. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, but these few ideas should be able to kindle that spark you need to set your mind free.



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