2019 Trends for Bathroom Shower Enclosures – Design with Functionality

A great way to celebrate home décor is decorating bathrooms along with everything else. The coziest and functional place of home is the bathroom. Bathroom is such a place which gives you the best opportunity to implement your taste and ideas of renovation for the long run. Yet a bathroom is the functional spot but it doesn’t mean you cannot make a statement with design. 

The bathroom is a clear example of the phrase “Big impressions in small places”. Sometimes high scale wallpaper defines your interest in beauty and art. Or you can go for natural pallets, like classic looks and antique designs. But at the same time to keep it feeling modern one can add single color designs throughout the place. Many trends in bathroom designs have been in use for recent years like black bold color, sultry bathroom designs, exposed shower plumbing.  

Other unique and popular bathroom trends are pewter and gunmetal designs, vanities in front of windows, open concept designs, statements in wallpaper designs, hanging some sophisticated fine arts pieces. If we talk about combinational designs then trends are towards the combination of texture with brass or gold looks, spacious and modern shower enclosures to give spa-like architectural ambiance. 

Also, glass doors cases have gained popularity too in some recent years and their design trends follow a lot of taste base. If the homeowner has developed his taste in aesthetic and modernity then shower enclosures are the best spot to put on his desires. 

Frameless glass shower doors

Frameless glass shower doors are just glass doors without frames to cover the area of shower and around. These types of frames do a great job in making less cluttered and clean looks. Also, they are not difficult to maintain and can be kept with a nice wipe one in a while. 

Let’s look at some hot trends in 2019.


To make your bath experience elegant and gorgeous frameless glass panels can go hand in hand with beauty. In recent years the top trend was to add glass panels around the shower space and customize that glass design according to bathroom tiles and color.

Frost fun 

Another trend in popularity is using frosted glass panels around the shower, semi-frosted glasses and full frosted windows are high in demand for recent years. Glass is such versatile material that tons of Decorative patterns and embellishments can be done according to the area of use. And frosted glasses are wide in range due to its textural designs. 


Another top trend of 2019 shower design is using glass cases in such a way to create dark and dramatic looks, like if tiles’ color is somewhat dark and glass color and texture is also thick. One can achieve dreamy looks by adding dark colors with thin texture on glass, like combination of black and white color in tiles and sanitary items. Some touch of brown shades in glass frosting


Glass doors have provided another best idea to implement upon, in a small cozy bathroom with less space but more functionality.  A corner shower space can be built by just adding glass enclosure around. 

Corner bathroom can save space area and make a unique design look too. Another best thing is a single sheet of glass window can cover a huge shower area in the curve. 


Glass shower sliders will be in use massively to create a calm and serene environment. Today luxurious and spacious bathroom designs are trendy. To create a spa-like relaxing feel and less mess around clear and airy glass shower doors will increase in demand. Natural but unusual looks can be customized by paying with glass doors’ placements.


Modern trends are to create a spacious view that justifies the phrase “outside in”. Glass windows usage in bathrooms and shower areas are just the perfect choice to create two side view look. Clear reflections that can be viewed from both sides with opaque views will be high in demand for some years. 


Roller top designs for using glass as a shower curtain are high in demand. Impact covering with top rollers glass windows and sheets are easy to scroll with hinges over it. Mirror and glass shops offer a variety of these roller tops for glass windows, shower glass curtains and panels for bathroom décor and renovation.


Sliders are one of the hot choices of customers today. Shower glass sliders are frameless glass sheets that can be slide aside with less effort. High-quality glass sliders are in use nowadays. Sliding glass panels always put a dreamy look even when used. It uses less space because it slides under the fixed panel and does not cover the shower area when opened. 


For more customization and personal design, implementations polished glass sheets are high in claim. Glass polish color can be customized with wallpapers, paint textures, and sanitary items. Color polished glass sheets offer exquisite color scheme around shower.

Design with Functionality

Easy to clean

When using glass windows and glass doors in the house for bathrooms keep in mind always prefer the piece of glass that is easy to clean. Sometimes in washroom drain problems, water splashes and sponges like algae rolls over the glass and require an effort to be cleaned.

Less space consumption

Using glass doors in the form of top rollers or sliders will prove economical for your space consumption. So if your bathroom is cozy and small always prefer rollers or sliders as shower curtains.

Less clutter

Metallic or wooden barriers can be weathered and rotten away easily. Water splashes of shower can cause clutter and mess around them. While glass doors are really handy in this case, easy to clean and water splashes slide over their surface easily. 

But a downside of frameless glass showers is they are expensive and sometimes if not installed properly then water can leak through them. But with a good installation and proper maintenance frameless glass shower panels are best bathroom renovations that you will ever make. 


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