3 Bathroom Remodeling Cost Reduction Tips from Experts

Bathroom remodeling is expensive. The average cost to remodel your bathroom in the US stands at $20,000. It is a challenging task which can consume a good number of weeks. If you have a large bathroom, you’d need to hire a professional contractor. However, if you need small changes, you can handle it yourself.

Depending on what exactly you want, you might need to look at bathroom remodeling Washington DC to find a local contractor in your area.

Whether you go for a professional contractor or DIY bathroom remodeling, following tips from experts will help you to a great extent.

Use Leftovers

This tip comes from Ms. DeLuca who emphasizes that you should look for leftovers as it can save you a lot of money. For instance, you don’t have to buy a complete granite slab when you can use a small tile piece.

The best place to look for leftovers and discounted items that you can use in bathroom remodeling is none other than Craigslist. There are tons of local listings where people sell items that they don’t need, purchased mistakenly, or have purchased in excess. That’s where you’ll find a lot of leftovers at fairly low cost.

End result?

You’ll end up saving a lot on your next bathroom remodel irrespective of whether you’re doing it yourself or you have hired an expert.

It works both ways.

Used Items

Ms. Giesen shares one of the best bathroom remodeling advice: Don’t forget to look for used items. She purchased an iron table for a mere $125 from the flea market.

You don’t have to necessarily visit the flea market when you have access to eBay. That’s where you’ll find used stuff that you can buy for your bathroom remodeling. For instance, you can purchase a used mirror for your bathroom or you can buy a builder grade fixture at an amazingly low price.

Of course, you first need to look for unused and used items within your premise. You’ll find, I’m sure, a lot of items that you can tweak and use during the remodeling process. Think of ways how to reuse used products or maybe, get some ideas from the internet.

There are several ways to use used items.

Stay Simple

Simplicity won’t just save you money but it will make your bathroom stand out from the crowd. If you fell in love with an expensive product like a tile or marble, you need to use it smartly in particular areas like a shower.

Similarly, the material with which a particular product is made from or is polished from adds to the cost. For instance, chrome polished valves are cheaper as compared to nickel. If you switch to simpler products and fixtures, you’ll eventually save a lot at the end of the day – without impacting the look and style of the bathroom.

Final Words

It is in your hands how you go about remodeling your bathroom. You can invest as much as you want or you can do a full remodel in half the average country-wide cost. Even when you hire a professional contractor, you have full control of price.

Right choices aren’t always expensive.


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