3 Deep Clean Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a necessary task that we should all complete each year. The warm weather is a sign that it’s time to throw your windows wide open and dig into the cleaning supply cabinet in preparation to clean your dusty, cluttered home.

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With that said, let’s now take a look at some powerful deep clean spring cleaning tips to have your home looking spotless in no time at all.

Tip #1: Tackling Your Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops have a tendency to accumulate more stains than you may have initially realized. So take your favorite kitchen cleaning solution and thoroughly spray down all of your countertops. Let the cleaning solution soak in and loosen up the old food, dirt, and grime that’s accumulated on top of your counters.

After you’ve waited a short while, take a rag and thoroughly scrub down your countertops. Do not be afraid to put a little muscle behind your scrubbing to make sure you eliminate all of the stains that have accumulated throughout the winter.

Once you’re through, your kitchen countertops will begin to sparkle once again. They will look clean, attractive, and truly amazing. And best of all, this task will only take a couple of minutes of your time and you’ll love the way your kitchen looks once these countertops are sparkling again.

Tip #2: Clean out Your Kitchen Cabinets

For whatever reason, people have a tendency to buy way more than they actually need. And because of our accumulating habits, we often buy things that we may have wanted to cook at some point, but never got around to doing so and the food is now expired.

So go through your kitchen cabinets and pantry and look for expired items. Put them in a box or garbage bag and thoroughly dispose of them so they aren’t taking up so much room and creating unnecessary clutter.

Once you’re through, you can also pull out all the items from your kitchen cabinet and pantry and thoroughly scrub them down. Dirt and dust has a tendency to accumulate in these dark corners of your kitchen, so it’s definitely best to clean them out once a year during spring cleaning.

Tip #3: Give Your Living Room a Deep Clean

Most families tend to congregate in their kitchen more than any room in the house. The second most popular room is the living room. So this room is often filled with dirt and dust and cluttered with all kinds of junk.

Go through your living room and immediately remove all of the clutter and put it in its proper place. If there are lots of papers and other garbage building up, throw it out so it’s no longer in your way. Once the room is clear, you should begin to thoroughly dust, vacuum, and clean every surface including floors, walls, ceilings, pictures, coffee tables, end tables, and everywhere else in this high-traffic area.

Final Thoughts

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a dreaded time of year. If you approach it systematically, you can tackle each room in time and before long you’ll have a carefully cleaned, beautiful home once again.


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