3 Fabulous Ideas for a Stylish Bedroom Design

It’s a known fact that the space you’re surrounded by can affect your mood. That’s why it’s vital to make your home the source of your positive attitude. Decorating a house can be pricey but it doesn’t have to be.

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Sometimes all you need is a different colour on the walls, a few framed pictures on the shelves or a new set of vivid pillows on your sofa. The secret is in the details, don’t ever forget that. Now, if you’re asking yourself which room should be the first one to decorate, we recommend the bedroom! Considering that we spend the first and last moments of each day in the bedroom, it definitely deserves to be the first one! What better way to boost your mood than waking up in the beautifully decorated bedroom every day, right? If you’re stuck creatively and are looking for some fresh ideas, keep reading to find out which stylish tricks we chose for you!

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Have Fun with Sheets and Pillows

Given that the bed is the centre of every bedroom it’s only fair to make it a priority when it comes to decorating this room. The first thing you have to do is match the size of the bed with the size of the room. Maybe this doesn’t seem important to you, but we assure you it’s crucial! The next step is more fun – choosing the bed sheets and pillows. We recommend combining neutral sheets with colourful pillows. It’s a perfect balance. Choose the palette to your taste and start having fun with it. Don’t be shy when it comes to pillows because every room needs a pop of colour. You can match the colour of the pillows with the carpet, picture frames or a lamp. Don’t forget about comfort! Having a nice-looking bed will only make sense if it’s comfortable as well. For that, we recommend a mattress from Ecosa Australia.

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Embrace the Texture

The look of the walls plays a big role when it comes to styling your room. The right colour can be enough but if you’re looking for something more than that we have some great suggestions for you. Sometimes the best thing you can do with your walls is to do absolutely nothing. You’re confused? Let us elaborate. A wall behind your bed is a great place to be creative and sometimes the most creative thing you should do is expose the natural brick behind all that paint. This is a very simple way to add some texture to your bedroom and make it unique. The brick wall is both modern and rustic so it’s a great choice for both styles. The other fun way to add a little bit of texture to your room is wallpaper! The selection of wallpapers is huge and the best thing about them is you can peel them off whenever you get bored with them. The wall behind your bed is (again) a great place to put them and make your room more interesting and beautiful.

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Less Is More

More and more people are opting for minimalism. If you’re one of them, then your bedroom is the right place for you to try this style. Choose one or two colours and mix and match them with your furniture. It’s okay to have a pop of colour but don’t overdo it! Having less stuff in your room is also one of the characteristics of minimalism. But be careful, everything you put in your bedroom has to be practical! This style is defined with clean lines so be sure to spice up the place with some geometrical elements. That can be a square lamp, triangular patterns or a simple oval vase. Don’t mix the shapes, choose one and have fun with it.

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You can do so much (or so little) when decorating your bedroom. Depending on your style, choose the right colour palette, texture and cute little things to fill up space. Pay attention to details and, most importantly, have fun! However, don’t forget to make all this functional and comfortable. At the end of the day, it’s important to have a place in your home where you’ll feel cosy and happy. Do you have any decorating tricks and tips for us? Don’t be shy to share them!


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