3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Pool Table

Pool tables are excellent purchases for adding a unique and enjoyable element to your home. If you’re interested in incorporating a pool table, carefully research your options to guarantee you purchase the perfect pool table for you, your family, and your home. 

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Here are 3 factors to consider when buying a pool table:

  1. Pool Table Construction 

Understand a pool table’s construction to discover the perfect purchase for you. 

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Pool tables, specifically tabletops, are built using different materials, directly altering a table’s overall value and price. Primarily, pool tables are constructed of slate, a hard rock cut into smooth flat sheets. Slate is universally considered the highest quality material for pool tables. Slate is an expensive material, but it’s quality value generally justifies the price. 

Common substitute materials for slate include plywood, fiberboard, slatex, permaslate, slatron, slatine, and honeycomb. Each alternative for slate offers varying price advantages but fails to provide similar long-term value. 

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Other components to consider about your pool table include legs, frame, cloth, and cushions. Choose strong materials for your pool table based on your personal requirements and preferences. 

Additionally, consider the size of your pool table. The most common size for pool tables is 8’, measuring about 8’ long and 4’ wide. 7’ tables are also available, which are typical sizes for bars and restaurants. Evaluate your space to determine a pool table size for your home. On average, an 8’ table fits comfortably in a 14’ by 18’ room whereas a 7’ table is ideal for a 13’ by 17’ room.   

Learn more about different types of pool tables to select the ideal option for your home. 

  1. Style and Aesthetics 

Choose a pool table style to align with your home’s intended aesthetic. Pool tables are available in three primary styles: Classic, contemporary, and modern. 

Classic styles are everyone’s general perception of pool tables that have been around forever. Typically, a classic style pool table includes red or green felt, a hardwood frame, and antique designs. If you prefer a timeless and popular option, choose a classic style for your pool table. 

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Contemporary styles provide a traditional design containing unique changes. For example, contemporary pool tables involve black finishes and intriguingly colored or patterned felt as opposed to classic designs. If you’re interested in a classic style featuring a refreshing twist, select a contemporary pool table. 

Modern styles absolutely transform pool table designs into something new and exciting. Modern pool tables include different designs, specifically table legs and pockets, neon colors, and much more depending on your preferences. If you want a pool table completely different from anything else, purchase a modern style to uniquely customize your pool table. 

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Pool tables are major pieces of furniture serving as centerpieces, meaning finding the correct style and aesthetic for your pool table is essential. 

  1. Playing Equipment 

Your pool table’s playing equipment is necessary for creating an amazing gaming experience. Types of playing equipment and accessories to consider includes:

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  • Cue Sticks: Ranging in size from 48″ to 58″ long and generally made of wood or synthetic alternatives, such as fiberglass, graphite and carbon fiber
  • Billiard Balls: Typically includes 15 numbered balls divided into stripes and solids, containing one white cue ball; however, color and size vary depending on type of game and location
  • Bridge Sticks: Constructed of wood and used for players to place their cue stick on the bridge to improve accuracy when a shot is difficult to reach
  • Pool Ball Racks: Piece of wood used to organize billiard balls at the beginning of a game, most commonly available in a triangle shape
  • Pool Table Accessories: Numerous accessories are offered depending on a gamer’s needs, including table brushes, rail brushes, cue chalk, chalk holders, table covers, and wall racks 

Review playing equipment to locate the right accessories for elevating your pool table. 

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Purchase a Pool Table 

Finding a pool table perfect for you, your family, and your home can be a difficult process. Because a quality pool table costs anywhere between $1,200 to $2,000 on average, guarantee you select a wise purchase by completing necessary research and finding numerous suppliers in your area. 

Purchase a pool table after considering your preferences regarding a pool table’s construction, style, and playing equipment. 


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