3 Most Common Threats to your Drain

If you are reading this after having to conduct an Internet search for “unclog drain,” you are not alone! Whether you are part of a busy household or live on your own, your home can suffer from the wear and tear of everyday life as the years go by. As some of the most often-used parts of your home, your sink and bathtub drains get a daily workout. According to Arvada Plumber Flatirons Plumbing three of the top natural enemies of the common drain, and how to effectively eliminate clogs caused by them and also keep future clogs at bay.

Grease Isn’t the Word!

One common misconception that homeowners have about sink drains, particularly those with a built-in garbage disposal, is that anything and everything can get thrown down there, as long as you’re also running water. However, in the case of cooking grease, this simply isn’t true. Over time, grease builds up in your drain pipe, forming a clog. To prevent a grease-induced drain clog, pour all your cooking grease into a container, like an empty soup can, and then throw it into the trash once it’s full. The same container can be used multiple times and stored in the freezer to solidify.  This helps ensure that none of that grease is ending up down the drain!

Coffee Grounds…You’re Grounded!

People tend to think that coffee grounds are fine to toss down a sink drain. After all, individually speaking, coffee grounds are so small, it’s nearly impossible to believe that they can contribute to one heck of a clog. However, it’s true- by tossing the grounds from your reusable coffee filter down the sink drain every day, you’re creating a buildup that will lead to some serious backup. 

Try simply dumping your coffee grounds into the trash bin, or in a mulch pile or compost heap if you prefer, and go about your regular coffee-making business. This way you’ll be 100 percent sure there are no rogue coffee grounds ending up in your drain pipe, and you don’t have to sacrifice your morning cup of Joe.

Hair Today, Clog Tomorrow!

No matter how different we all are, most of us have one thing in common- we have hair on at least some parts of our bodies. Due to this fact, when we bathe, the hair has nowhere else to go but down our bathtub and shower drains. Those who have longer hair may experience more frequent drain clogs thanks to the volume of hair that plugs up their drain pipes. There is, however, a relatively inexpensive solution to prevent hair from going down the drain and forming a sizeable clog- a drain gate. Available in hardware stores and online retailers, drain gates work by trapping hair as it tries to make its way down the drain. After your shower, just clean out the drain gate, toss the hair, and you’re done!

By knowing which common clog-inducing agents to look out for, as well as how to properly unclog drain pipes that have come in contact with these threats, you are helping to keep your plumbing in excellent condition. Though clogged drains happen to even the most careful homeowner at least once in a while, these handy tips can help keep your drains running smoothly with little to no plumbing maintenance as years go by.


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