3 Must have products in your Kitchen

I like to cook not just for myself but for my family and friends as well. But cooking can not be as pleasant of an experience as it should be when you do not have the required and necessary products and gadgets in your kitchen.

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There are tons of products that help and make cooking convenient and easy. I can provide a list of hundreds of products that you must have in your kitchen but here I will only advise about the best three gadgets and tools that you must have. If you don’t have already, you should and must have them to make your cooking experience a breeze.

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Metal of Plastic Colander

A colander is one of the most used items in the kitchen. At least I use it every single time I cook something. This is an effective and great way to drain pasta, vegetables, boiled rice, sliced potatoes, french-fries, salad or if you need to wash anything else, a colander will come in handy. Now some of us might think that we can hold the pot and drain the water isn’t it what most of us practice? The “holding and pouring out extra water” method is old but dangerous because you might burn your hands with the steam coming out of the boiling water. A plastic or metal colander is not a very expensive item to buy and its easily available at any store nearby.  

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

A pressure cooker air fryer is a combination of two appliances that gives you the tenderness of a pressure cooker and the crisp of an air fryer.  Reading about Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker reviews, it is revealed that the device offers a ton of useful features such as pressure cook, steam, slow cook, yogurt, sear and sauté, air crisp, broil, bake, roast, and dehydrate. On the other hand if you do not require pressure cooking feature you can easily find one of the best air fryer under 100$ packed with multiple preset cooking menus. 


I am pretty sure you already have a juicer in your kitchen, if not, go get one immediately. If you need to squeeze lemon for a recipe, or you are feeling like having a glass of fresh carrot or orange juice, a juicer is something that will come to your rescue. Throw in the carrots, orange or whatever you wish to extract juice from, push the button and there you go!

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Extracting juice manually by squeezing is not that easy and practical as it takes time, effort and does not provide you the best result. Once you are used to of fresh juices you will never ever buy packed juices from stores. 

So there you have all three must have gadgets that will save time and effort. I will recommend don’t buy the cheaper ones, check the reviews and buying guides to get the best product possible so you don’t have to face the trouble of repair or return over and over. 


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