3 types of chair awarded with German Design Award

Achieving this kind of recognition is a dream shared by many designers.

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Awarded to the most innovative inventions in the field of product design, the German Design Award is perceived as one of the most prestigious contests in the world. Check some chairs awarded with GDA, which are particularly worth the attention.

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German products are considered durable and functional. In many European countries and outside of the continent, “German quality” is the phrase that sells. Even though the German producers are known to be focused on the practical side of their designs, the aesthetics aspect is never left behind. Minimalism, simple lines, and good-quality materials ranging from wood to metal – these are the trademarks of modern German interior design.

German producers are recognized in the international market particularly in the field of kitchen furniture, as well as church equipment (eg. church chair with kneelers, in German, called Kirchenstuhl mit Kniebank)

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German Design Award – a brief history 

Germans not only design well but also acknowledge the design of others. 

The annual German Design Award is a synonym for prestige. Continuously awarded since 1953, it is well recognized not only among designers. Its fame goes far beyond that. 

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Being a quality mark, the GDA award often serves as a guideline for clients of the stationery and online shops who search for well-designed furniture and accessories. No wonder why the companies that have been granted with it usually put this information first in their product description. Every year, only a few design projects out of thousands receive the award what makes this kind of recognition really prestigious.

Chairs awarded with GDA – 3 interesting projects from the recent years

The perfect project should combine functionality and exceptional aesthetics. These designs are an example of such a strategy:

PAQ chair

Awarded with GDA in 2018. It can be a mattress, seating with a puff shape, chair, and storage container at once. It’s a perfect idea for small apartments – in the case of the overnight visit, you can simply unwrap the chair to make the mattress out of it.

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Normann Copenhagen collection

Awarded with GDA in 2017. Perfect for the fans of Scandinavian design. The chairs and seating from this collection are exceptionally designed, providing comfort and a smart look.

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FAMEG arch collection

Awarded with GDA in 2020. The collection, designed by the Polish duo Pawlak & Stawarski, reinterprets the modernist forms with the usage of quality wood and other materials.


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