3D Animation: The definition, its function and the areas it covers

It is very common in the current era to hear about 3D animations, for this reason we tell you what this type of animation consists of.

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Animation as such consists of giving movement to elements that do not have it, 3D animation is one more type of animation. 3D Animation is used in all sectors and it is not because we say so, but because it is a great truth known to all. Obviously, 3D Design and Animation is used in the audiovisual production sector, but did you know what, it is also used in areas such as construction or in medicine.

What is 3D design and animation?

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3D Animation tries to create objects, spaces, characters and in general any figure from the mathematical interpretation of a computer. In this type of animation, the 2D axes are interpreted and the depth axis is added to provide them with the third dimension.

In 3D animation objects can be rotated and moved in three-dimensional space. For this type of animations, software is used that allow modeling and sculpting digitally. Frames used in 3D animation must undergo a rendering process after the model is finished.

There are countless techniques to carry out the design of an animation. Here are some of them:

– Motion Design technique: it is intended to give real movement to a three-dimensional object. The way to achieve this is to capture movements using sensors that are placed on real people or objects. It is very common to use it in video games.

– Stop Motion: in this case, static objects are used incorporating images without movement.

– Pixelation: in this technique objects are not represented, but people. It is done by capturing images that move at 24 frames per second and in this way, movements are created in the image.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

– Hyper-realistic technique: this technique is used to animate characters, objects and settings in order to make the images look so real that they are confused with reality.

– Caricature techniques: the design of these figures is usually more fictional with the aim of creating funny characters.

What is 3D and what is it for?

3D animation is used to give life to objects that do not have it and can be used in various sectors. Animated movies and video games or applications are the most common areas for 3D animation, but they are not the only ones. The main use that we can mention is the realization of digital sketches that will later be brought to reality. This can be applied in multiple sectors to facilitate the process of creating new products. Thanks to 3D modeling, design and shape decisions can be made before being put into actual production.

3D modeling is also used in marketing and advertising strategies to achieve an animated display of products by customers. When it comes to explaining the operation of a specific machine or product, 3D animation allows it to be recreated in a realistic way. With this, greater attention and credibility of our public is achieved.

For instance; A new machine is going to be launched on the market and we must show it to a specific audience. 3D modeling can help to realistically explain the operation of the interior of such a machine, this will make it easier for listeners to get a real idea of how it works.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Another very common field of use of 3D animation is within the architecture sector. In this, the builders create the spaces, the colors and the finishes, which allows them to sell properties before their construction or make virtual visits to those who request them, the clients for their part can get an idea of how the construction will be.

The field of 3D animation is growing in recent years due to all the opportunities it offers. This indicates the demand for qualified professionals that are required to fill the jobs. These professionals must have good training to be able to carry out 3D projects. 

What is the best program to make 3D animations?

The choice of a specific program depends on the discipline in which you need to work and what you want to work on. In this line we are going to comment on the best known in the industry:

– Autodesk Maya: is one of the most complete programs offering special tools for 3d character animation.

– Autodesk 3ds Max (3D Studio Max): it is one of the most used programs for all the plugins it offers.

– Blender: is a 3D creation and animation program and offers the possibility of working in all phases of a 3D design. This program is very focused on animated films.

– Houdini: this program is very focused on generating and animating 3D geometries.

In the end, 3D animation is the future for modern human industry, and of course other sectors.


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