3D sound-waves concept in Taipei Performing Arts Center by B+U, LLP

The B+U, LLP architecture designed a futuristic architectural design Arts Center in Taipei, Taiwan. The source of inspiration was the shape of the 3D sound-waves which became the formal and structural framework for the design of the exterior envelope. The interior design is also spectacular as you can see from the pictures. This unbelievable architecture will be the most amazing from all over the world. B+U, LLP architecture creates a world-class institution which is characterized by urban and cultural environment, and by its formal and structural elegance.

Here are some technical data:

Client: Taipei City Government- Department of Cultural Affairs
Program: Performing Arts Center
Size: 400,000 sqft
Budget: 130 million
Completion date: 2008-12-08 unbuild
Material: Glass, Steel, metal, concrete
Architect: B+U,LLP
Team: Principals:Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu Team: Paul Macherey, Justin Oh, Phillip Ramirez, Art Zargaryan, Daniel Saltee, Yaohua Wang
Consultant: S.C.S. & Associates (Executive Architect), ARUP (structure& MEP), Theatre projects consultants, Inc (theater consultant), Nagata acoustics (acoustician)

Source: bplusu


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