4 Brushless Power Tools For Better Renovation and Design

Ask any handyman or DIY enthusiast what their favorite tools are and they are likely to give you a single answer: power tools. Power tools are the most significant evolution of tools since John P. Thompson invented the Phillips head screwdriver in 1932! Adding power tools to your renovation project/ toolbox is a good way to make it more efficient and to be able to complete them faster. Along with a few of the other basics (hammer, screwdriver, pry bar, glue, personal protective gear, wrenches, and so on) adding a few power tools to the mix is only going to improve your experience. Here’s a guide to a few brushless power tools to consider adding to your toolbox. 

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Why Use Brushless Power Tools?

There’s a very clear difference between power tools with motor brushes and brushless power tools. Most power tools have brushed motors, meaning there are little tiny metal brushes that flip the magnetic field as electric current runs into the armature of the motor’s rotor. A brushless design ditches these in favor of permanent magnets on the rotor. This eliminates the need for brushes because the magnetic field doesn’t need to be flipped as the rotor spins a full 360 degrees. Brushless motor power tools offer a better experience and way more power than their brushed counterparts. This means you’re getting more power and efficiency with better control. Brushless power tools might end up costing a little more than those with brushed motors, but they offer longer life and more efficiency as a trade-off. 

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Brushless Hammer Drill

Getting a brushless power hammer might seem strange at first, but it’s a fantastic tool for specific projects. Brushless hammer drills are usually used for drilling into concrete. They work well for other tough materials, too. Since they’re designed for drilling into durable materials (especially brick), they can pack a wallop. Through a combination of drilling and hammer thrusts, the power tool can work its way through many different surfaces. Heavy-duty, great torque, and fast movements make these tools ideally suited to some of the tougher tasks you might face during a project. They’re not a tool you’re going to be using as often as a traditional drill, but they’re worthwhile for those moments when one might come in handy. Going with the brushless option offers numerous advantages, including faster movement and longer battery life. 

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Brushless Drills

When it all comes down to the wire, drills are sort of like the Swiss army knife of the power tool world. A drill can be used for boring holes, drilling out screws, drilling in screws, and so much more. They also can be used as a plumbing apparatus to snake out drains with certain accessories. Is there anything a cordless drill can’t do? In the age-old battle of brushed versus brushless motors, brushless motors tend to win out every time for cordless drills. The reason why is because of efficiency. Sure, a standard brushed cordless drill is pretty efficient and lasts a long time on a single battery. But you get much more efficiency, more durability as the motor will last longer, and eventually are able to complete projects faster because you won’t experience much slow down throughout the course project. Just make sure the power rating and voltage on your drill match the job at hand, and that you have the right types of accessories for the project. Using high-quality DeWalt power tools for your projects is already a good idea, but consider going a step further and opting for the brushless models instead.

Brushless Impact Driver

Just like a drill, impact drivers have a lot of uses in the workshop. Getting an impact driver that has the right size bits should be the first and foremost thing on your mind. Then, consider the motor. A brushed impact driver motor is not as efficient at driving the bits as a brushless motor. Modern tools adjust the motor according to the task, making a brushless motor a no-brainer when it comes to your impact driver or any other power tools. Impact drivers are specific tools as well, so make sure you have the right bits and driver for your project. 

Brushless Saws

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Buying a new circular saw is a lot of fun. There’s nothing like a high-performance power saw slicing and dicing its way through some wood at a job site. But did you know there are a lot of features to check for when making this type of purchase? Saws can be dangerous if not handled properly, so ensuring the proper safety features are present in your saw will lead to a better experience using the tool. The grip should feel natural, requiring few (if any) adjustments. A compact design with a strong motor is usually better and won’t cause the blade to dull too fast. A brushless saw will run more efficiently and typically last longer than a brushed saw of any type. 


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