4 Common Mistakes People Make When Replacing a Water Heater

Do you know water heating can make 25% of your energy bills?

If your energy bills are through the roof, it’s possible that one of your appliances needs replacement. Water Heater System is among the most important devices, and they do get cranky. But if it’s more of a headache than convenience, then better replace it.

Following, we are mentioning some common mistakes people make when replacing their water heater!

Not Comparing

Don’t always rely on your plumber’s word, do your search.

Plumbers tend to suggest a similar replacement because they are easy to install. They don’t care whether another system will serve you better or not.

Therefore, take your time, and independently view different hot water systems. Carefully review their specs and price. Compare their advantages and disadvantages. It will help you make a well-informed decision. Look for these three things:

  • Type
  • Energy Source
  • Price

These things dominate your upfront and ongoing costs. Remember, hot water consumes 25% of your energy budget. So, focus on low ongoing costs.

Avoid Overpaying

Most of us buy our hot water system through the plumber.

It sounds good, but we end up overpaying. Therefore, it’s important to compare prices ourselves and keep the labour charge separate. Fortunately, you can now compare prices of different hot water systems online.

This will give you a better idea.

Buying the Wrong Hot Water System

Hot water makes up 25% of your energy bill.

You can save on it if you buy a smaller hot water system. You don’t need a big water system because it will only increase the ongoing costs.

Learn about hot water sizing; every manufacturer has different specs. Learn them because the wrong system will charge you higher than your actual use. Learn about WELS. Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards helps to save energy and water. This ultimately saves your ongoing costs.

The common issue is, most people tend to buy larger hot water system than they need. This costs them extra on-front and down the road. If something breaks, you pay a fortune to fix it.

Therefore, choosing the right system is important. It helps you to save money even when you need to replace your hot water system in Sydney.

 Not Knowing When to Replace Your System

Most people don’t recognise when they need to replace their water heater system.

It costs them a lot in the end. Therefore, following we are going to mention the signs you should look for:

Every product or device today has an age limit.

Nothing is built to last forever, so there will be a time you will need to replace all of your appliances. The issue is, people don’t know when their appliances near expiration date.

Majority of water heaters last between 8-10 years. You should replace the heater after ten years. After such time, the heater will show following sighs

  • Rusting
  • Leakage
  • Noise
  • Failing to Heat Water

Remember, not all heaters last ten years, especially gas water heaters. Therefore, read the specs, manual and look for these signs.

Ask These Questions

Before you buy a water heater system, consider the following questions:

  • What is better for me, Tankless Water Heater, or Traditional Water Heater?
  • What Size works for me?
  • Is the device Energy efficient?
  • How long will the installation Take?
  • How can I get rid of the old water heater?
  • What brand should I buy from?
  • Does the new heater come with a warranty?
  • How much am I going to pay?

These questions will help you get a clear mindset. It will help you choose a better product according to your needs, and avoid overpaying the plumber. Find the answer to these questions, and you will be fine.




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