4 Genius Ways You Can Hide the TV in Your Bedroom

If you have spent months planning and hundreds of pounds on redecorating your bedroom, the last thing you will probably want is a huge black box ruining your carefully curated sanctuary. So, how can you enjoy binge watching your favourite box-set and not let your TV ruin it?

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1 – TV Bed

The best way to hide a TV in your bedroom is, of course, a TV Bed. One can now choose a TV Bed to suit the decor of your room as well as a whole host of other storage and style requirements. Do you need more storage? Then an Ottoman bed is ideal. Want something a bit bigger? Then you can choose a double, king or super king size bed. As we found out when speaking to the guys at the TV Bed Store, a TV bed doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style either as they come in a huge range of shapes and fabrics.

Image Credit: Colin Poole

2 – Make it part of the decor

Why not turn your TV into a feature wall in your bedroom? Feature walls, are a great way to to turn a bland living room into something that looks a lot more appealing. Why not do the same for your bedroom? If your feature wall (with a TV) looks great you won’t mind it being there.

Image Credit: Colin Poole

3 – Hide it in a wardrobe

If budget is an issue, and you have some space in your room to play with, why not simply hide it in your wardrobe? This way, if you don’t want to see the TV, you can simply keep the wardrobe door closed.

Image Credit: Simon Whitmore

4 – Hide it behind framed prints

If you want your TV to remain as wall mounted, but don’t necessarily want it to be on show all of the time, hiding it behind some framed prints is a great way to disguise it. You can then incorporate your favourite works of art into the decor of your bedroom to both add beautiful decoration, as well as hiding the wall mounted TV.

Out of all the options above, our recommendation would be a TV Bed. Not only do they look stylish, the novelty of pushing a button and watching your TV emerge from the foot of your bed never really wears off — it feels space age, but you don’t need to be on the Starship Enterprise to get one. Also, if you really need to, you don’t need to tell your kids that you have got a TV in your room, and, of course, when you don’t want to watch the TV you simply keep it hidden. Not only is a TV Bed a great way to hide your TV, TV Beds come in many different shapes and sizes with different features that work around your lifestyle and storage needs.


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