5 Tips to Personalize Your Home’s Décor

Your home is your castle. This means it should reflect yourself and your family, rather than being a cookie-cutter replica of someone else’s preferred look and style.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out just how to do that. The good news is, it can be easier than you think. However, it is not going to happen overnight. Remember, turning a house into a home is something that can take a while, and it’s okay to make adjustments and changes along the way.

If you are ready to turn your home into a personalized space you love spending time in, then use the tips and advice found here.

  1. Create a Gallery Wall

In the past few years, gallery walls have become extremely popular. One of the best things about them is that each one is unique. You can mix family photos with artwork, prints and even acrylic photo blocks. The options are endless.

What’s great about a gallery wall is that you can change it as needed. You can use some of the same components and create an entirely new look by adding in something new.

  1. Paint Your Front Door

There’s no question that painting anything provides an instant face-lift for a home. However, painting the entire interior or exterior of your home is a significant investment. Do you want the benefits of a fresh coat of paint without the huge commitment of a large space? If so, paint your front door.

When you are choosing the paint color, think about if you want to update the hardware on your door, too. After all, new hardware can help give your home a fresh look. While you’re at it, change your locks too – this is a smart move from time to time, as it will increase the safety of your home and family.

  1. Mantels and/or Vignettes

Choose a spot in your home you can easily change, either for a different season or holiday, or just because you want to. Adding a tabletop, shelf or mantle to this spot is a simple way to update your home. After all, what’s easier than changing the décor on your mantel?

This doesn’t have to be a complex process or filled with many different items. Consider using one bigger item in the middle or on one side. Once you have the bigger item, fill in the empty spaces with smaller accessories.

  1. Change Your Kitchen Faucet

Has the faucet in your kitchen seen better days? If so, consider changing it out for a sleek, new one. This is a single, simple change that can help make a huge impact on the overall feel of the kitchen. Even better, this is an affordable improvement.

The key to getting the best bang for your buck is to make sure your new faucet coordinates with the existing hardware you have in place. If you can’t find something that matches, consider changing all the hardware in your kitchen. This will provide a bigger change in the space.

  1. Add Fresh Flowers to the Space

Adding a bouquet of cut flowers, regardless of if you get them from your backyard or the grocery store, can help make any room feel friendlier. Make just one arrangement go a bit further by pulling out a few of the blooms to put in bud vases all around your house.

As you can see, there are several ways for you to add a personal touch to your home. Try out the ideas here, or use a few of your own, to provide a custom look to your home.



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