4 Innovative Designs for Lofts

Innovative design refers not only to something novel and trendy but also to functional, smart, and more effective than before.

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As the times change, so do the people’s needs and preferences. Today, when we spend a lot of time at home during the pandemic, people need their place of residence to be more comfortable and functional, like a true shelter.

Whether it is a new smart trend in design one wants to adopt in full after a renovation or partial improvements of an apartment, innovative design should always define what its residents need in the first place. You can be a client of a design studio or a student who needs custom writing on EssayPro, but an innovative and personal approach is key in the end. 

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As everybody has their own needs, it’s impossible to predict all of them and come up with a solution immediately. Yet, from time to time, there appear new visions of what a pleasant interior design looks like and how to improve the functionality of a space.

It’s only relatively recently that people came up with transforming ex-industrial spaces into actual apartments. The style of lofts is often defined by rough design, brick walls, there’s usually plenty of space. Yet, somehow, it makes the apartment rather empty. The walls may look cold and uninviting. One may not know what to occupy that space with.

If you’re not a fan of such a raw style, it doesn’t mean that living in a loft is not your cup of tea. You can make it as cozy and functional as you’d like to. Let’s look into the options.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Choosing the Colors

Are you tired of brick walls and neutral colors? They may look stunning to somebody. Yet, it’s not a standard to adhere to. You can combine even dark and deep colors when choosing the furniture and what to paint the walls with. Big windows typical for lofts will serve as a natural source of light as well as add some brightness and contrast.

If you don’t have significant ideas regarding the color palette, you can consult a designer specifically as they are bound to have knowledge about what colors to combine. Ask your friends what will look more appealing to them if you plan to use your apartment as your office as well. A second opinion will only benefit you in this case.

High Ceilings

If it’s a used-to-be-industrial building with high ceilings, use that space. A double-storey apartment can be an amazing solution. The second floor will ensure your privacy, you can settle a whole home office there together with your bedroom and bathroom. The first floor will be a room for hanging out, cooking, relaxing, setting up a gym, etc.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Another option for the second floor could be a personal library combined with a work spot or a place for your hobbies. You can put a number of pendant plant pots on the wall of the second floor to have cleaner air and a relaxing atmosphere there.  

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Hiding the Bedroom

Lofts are usually open-space, so, if you don’t have much room to create the second floor, you need to fix up the question regarding your bedroom and bathroom to keep them private when you have someone visiting you. Of course, it’s not prohibited by law to put additional walls in lofts, but cutting it into rooms can discredit the very idea. 

There are numerous innovative ideas on the internet. If you surf Pinterest and YoutTube, you can see that this kind of privacy problem can be solved in many ways. The suggestions range from putting a room screen to crafting whole box-like rooms in the middle of the apartment. The solution can also lie in folding doors. The apartment will just look smaller as you close the doors. 

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Slanted Walls

If the roof of the building is not flat, you probably have slanted walls and a dark spot under the very top of the roof. It’s definitely hard to come up with the idea of how to use them. You can’t hang a picture there, it would look awkward. Hanging a roof lamp doesn’t sound convenient either. Here are some ideas on how to use that space:

  • Set a video projection screen on the slanted wall. If you set a cozy area with cushion chairs right under the roof with few or no windows at all, it can be your place for movie evenings.
  • If you’re into a hobby that requires crafting or painting, add more windows. It will make a great studio for you and provide the apartment with a lot of natural light.
  • The very top of the roof can be turned into a comfy and tiny room either as your bedroom or space for you to read and/or relax. With a ladder leading to it, it may remind you of a treehouse for children, but who says adults can’t have the same?
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

In Summary

The classic ideas for designing a loft should not limit you or incite negative associations with such apartments as cold and empty spaces. Even disadvantages can be used to your benefit. Lofts can also be warm and cozy places to live in despite the stereotypical depiction of them in movies. Just invest some effort in at least online research.


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