4 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Home’s Windows

While sometimes expensive and time-consuming, home renovation and improvement is a rewarding process. Besides improving the resale value of a property, home renovation projects like new roof and gutter installation also improve the aesthetic value and performance of a home. 

However, there are certain parts of our home that we tend to overlook because of the fear of expensive repairs and replacements.

One example of the same is the windows of our homes. Most of us tend to take our home’s windows for granted and completely forget that they need to be maintained and repaired from time to time.

In this article, we will be discussing the signs that are indicative of pending repairs (or replacement) of your home’s windows.

Without further delay, let us begin:

Visible Damage

While windows are made up of mostly glass panes, they are designed to be very durable. After all, windows are part of your home’s first line of defence against natural elements.

Being subjected to these natural elements, it should not be surprising if your windows are mildly scratched or scuffed from time to time. Thankfully, these are not signs of serious damage.

However, other visible damage, like rotten frames or visible development of mole are serious issues. If you notice such damage, you must contact a window repair and replacement contractor at once.

Damaged frames not only mess with the curb appeal of your home but also compromise your home’s insulation abilities.

Condensation Between The Layers

Double glazed windows have recently become a popular choice among homeowners. While these are great from the insulation point of view, there is a unique problem that some double glazed windows are prone to- condensation.

Condensation is usually a sign that the double glazing has failed. The solution for condensation between the window panes is usually a simple window glass replacement.

Word of advice, if you do plan to replace your window glass, it is best to call a professional. With a professional installation job, you can rest assured that the same problem will not bother you for a very long time.

Closed Windows Letting In Drafts Of Air

If you find yourself feeling cold because of a breeze, despite closing your windows, then there is a good chance that your windows have developed a crack.

However, other reasons may include improper sealing of windows or simply a subpar installation job.

The drafts of air can dramatically affect the interior climate of your home. This may result in your heating or cooling appliances working twice as hard. This, in turn, may reflect in increased energy bills.

Similarly, if your windows are letting in outside sounds, it is also an indication of poor installation or improper sealing.

Therefore, if you feel your windows are letting in outside air (or sound) despite being closed, it is a clear sign that there is a need for window repairs.

Trouble In Closing/Opening Windows

Problems with opening or closing windows can be caused due to a number of reasons. Some examples include imbalances caused by improper installation and damage to the moving parts and hinges of the windows.

Not being able to close or open the windows beats their whole purpose and also compromises the safety of your home. Hence, this problem must be dealt with at the earliest.


These were just some of the signs that may indicate there is something wrong with your windows. Did we forget to mention some signs of window damage that you have experienced before?

Tell us about them in the comment section.


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