4 Smart Home Products to Make Your Home Instantly Smart

Smart Home Devices have become an essential aspect of several American households across the country.

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From home security options such as video doorbells to domestic devices such as smart sprinklers – smart home devices come in a wide category of products that are suitable to every household as well as an individual’s need!

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As the world moves towards technological advancements traditional devices are becoming less efficient or accessible. So not only do smart devices play a major part in making your home much more tech-savvy and accessible remotely, they are also sleek and trendy in design and add that modern aesthetic to your home.

Here are four smart home devices that will make your home much smarter in many ways.

1. Smart Thermostat 

A smart thermostat helps users control the temperature in their houses from almost anywhere as long as they are connected to a Wi-Fi device! They are easy to install and feature their respective mobile applications.

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Smart thermostats enable users to control the device via voice control while at home, and help in saving on heating and cooling utility bills over time. When you are not at home, certain thermostats will use their motion detection system, whereby after detecting inactivity within the house they will automatically switch to an eco-friendly mode or turn themselves down. This makes it lighter on your pocket, as well as being eco-friendly!

With scheduling, users can create schedules that revolve around their daily routines. This enables the thermostat to turn down when users have left and turn back up before their arrival so that they are met with a comfortable environment when they’re back home. They also support HVAC systems and can provide timely alerts if there are any issues with the cooling and heating systems, including whether the air filtration system might need to be cleaned or replaced.

2. Smart Sprinklers 

We often look for affordable sprinklers but hear us out, you need smart sprinklers and here’s why. Smart Sprinklers are a huge step forward from a traditional sprinkler, and if you have a lawn, it’s a great investment to make. 

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Smart Sprinklers basically replace the sprinkler controller for your in-ground sprinkler system. These traditional sprinkler controllers however are no match for these smart sprinklers because with the tap of a finger users can now create watering schedules, set up a water calendar, and easily turn the sprinklers on and off through its mobile app, or with a voice command if you connect it to a voice assistant. But that’s not all! 

These sprinklers are smart, which is why they can monitor the weather; that allows them to determine when it will rain and save up on water usage accordingly. Additionally, with the information you give the smart device, some of these use a variety of metrics to determine things like the best time or the amount of water needed to keep your lawn fresh. 

3. Smart Lights

Smart Lighting helps you add that pop of color that you need, assuming you’re into the color-changing ones!

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Smart Bulbs are essentially LED lighting that you can control with your smartphone from wherever you are or even a compatible voice assistant. How great is that? Not just this, but some smart bulbs can also switch between warm and white tones, allowing you to adjust the brightness level according to your preference.

Other than playing with the lighting, Smart Lights also feature their own mobile applications that allow you to do everything above, along with a couple of other things too. Users can schedule lighting operations based on their daily routines, or even switch them on or off while vacationing in Mexico just to not let anybody know that the home’s empty. This feature also lets you save up on energy bills, just to let you know!

4. Video Doorbells

There are various home security devices in the smart home catalog such as smart cameras, smart door locks, etc. However, if you are new to smart home devices, starting off with a video doorbell might be a better option as they are easier to install and very useful for what they can do.

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Smart doorbells enable users to have access to a live video feed of who is at their door at all hours of the day. Compared to peeping through a small peephole, you can now not only get a good look at who is at your door directly from your smartphone but also be able to answer it from practically anywhere. Some video doorbells provide a full vertical view which can help users identify who is at the door, or if any parcels are placed by the door.

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With pre-recorded messages and facial identification features offered by some variants, users can record messages that can be played when they might be away from their phones. This helps in maintaining the privacy and security of the household. Facial identification also helps with recognizing faces that are frequent such as the amazon delivery guy, or a close friend and relative. 

Turning your home into a smart home has never been easier. With smart devices available so easly, and at reasonable prices, you can now get yourself a couple of them to bring your home up with the times. It’s not just great to stay in touch with the new way of life, but also great security-wise as well as proving to be energy efficient. Head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com and browse through their Smart Home catalogue to see for yourself.


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