4 Steps to Determining the Need to Hire a Property Management Company

You don’t necessarily need to enlist the services of a property manager in every single case. However, in a scenario where you have both the right landlord and the right property, it’s just the right thing to do. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can carry out to determine whether or not hiring a property manager is right for you to not. Here are four you should absolutely consider when looking at property management companies.

Survey Your Own Property Management Experience

If you’re planning to buy real estate, but lack any knowledge in property management, it might well be that leaning on the experience of a property manager is the right move for you. Trying to learn as you go can be very costly.

For a new property investor, taking too long to fill vacancies or hiring the wrong person to do your repairs can quickly make a needless dent in your income. Such mistakes as failing to grasp the Fair Housing laws and being found guilty of discrimination or being called a slum landlord because you took too long to fix the heat can result in a failed investment.

You should also note that the wrong property manager can ruin your investment. This explains the importance of doing your own research before making a decision on both whether you should hire one and which one to hire.

Take Stock of Your Current Property Portfolio

The more units under your control, the more responsibility you have. The greater the number of tenants living in these units, the greater the number of vacancies, complaints, and maintenance issues you will need to deal with. Furthermore, if your units cover multiple properties, there will be more time needed on cash flow management for each property, in addition to the physical commute from one property to another when taking care of multiple issues.

Find Out How Much Time is Involved in Managing Your Own Property

If you work full-time while also being a property investor, you wouldn’t have the time to give your properties the necessary attention. This is why hiring the right property manager is important, as the success of your property could very well depend on it.

Of course, time is money, and property management takes a lot of time. If you feel that the obligations attached to property management are distracting from the time you could be spending at your main job, hiring a property manager would likely be the right move for you.

Assess Your People Skills

Dealing with evictions can be stressful, and maintenance issues and complaints can take their toll. Property managers are adept in dealing with conflicts between a landlord and their tenant. They understand the relevant laws between the two parties, and so are in a position to be an effective buffer in the event of any issues. Furthermore, if a tenant realizes there is a third-party involved, they may take a more professional attitude toward the situation.


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